Casting Call in Chicago for Several Roles

Casting directors are seeking talent for a feature film filming this Tuesday, April 15th in Chicago.

ExtraOrdinary Casting posted a casting call seeking talents for several roles. Filming is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15th in the Chicago area. Casting directors are seeking talent to apply by Noon on Thursday, April 10th. For more details, see the casting call below:
Seeking submissions for a NON-Union Shoot filming this TUESDAY, APRIL 15th (approx. 3P--9P) in the Chicago area. Descriptions below. Please submit by NOON on Thursday. Upscale Modeling Look and experience preferred. ALL ethnicities. OK if you submitted for the past few shoots, whether selected or not. Or, if you did not submit. However, need to have worked with us in the past to know your professionalism. Email [email protected] if you are totally available this day (with nothing else that could possibly get in the way, if selected). Then, stand by until Saturday when we will have a better idea of who may be cast. We will have an update over the weekend, as always, on the most current post at the bottom of the comment section. Thank You! GRAFFITI ARTIST ($150): 25-35, male, 5’9” - 6’ YOUNG WOMAN ($150): 25-35, female, 5’7” - 5’9” BUSINESSMAN ($150): 35-45, male, 5’9” - 6’ CAB DRIVER ($150): 35-45, male, 5’9” - 6’ a few EXTRAS @ $100 each: 25-35, male and female, 5'7"-6'
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