Casting Call for "Torn" A Non-Union Student Short Film

Casting Call for "Torn" A Non-Union Student Short Film in Athens, Georgia

Synopsis: When two women escape from a human harvesting facility, personal feelings on friendship and freedom clash as they debate whether to return to the camp to try and save those left behind, or continue towards the coast in order to save themselves and build a new life together. Characters: – Shay: Trans woman*, early to late 20s, any ethnicity. Forms a close connection with Tali after being placed in a holding cell together. More big-picture, a critical thinker who refuses to let others define her. The “head” of the pair, searching for meaning and balance. She struggles with her desire to escape with Tali, protect her pride and personhood, and stand in solidarity with the other women in the harvesting camp. *Specifically seeking a Trans actress for this role, though all interest is appreciated. – Tali: Female, early to late 20s, any ethnicity. Forms a close connection with Shay prior to their escape, nearly to the point of exaltation. Tenacious, but impulsive. Lost her mother in the first kidnapping sweep; fear-driven, well-meaning but somewhat naive. The “heart” of the pair, searching for happiness and security. Entrenched too deeply in her feelings for Shay and her own insecurities, she has trouble understanding Shay’s more holistic perspective when it does not fit with how she originally perceives her. Audition Dates: Tuesday, April 7th & Wednesday April 8th, 2015 Location: The University of Georgia, Athens, GA – Fine Arts Building, Room 303 Time: Tuesday 2:00pm-4:00pm; Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm Compensation: Unpaid, but food and transportation will be provided. As applicable, please bring a headshot, a copy of your resume, and your work schedule to the audition. Work reels are also welcome, but not required, and can be submitted via separate email. Sides will be provided, but you may also prepare a monologue or additional materials if desired, so long as nothing exceeds five minutes. Shooting will take place from early to mid April, and will require a minor physical component (some running and very mild hiking). Content warnings include: discussion and mild/abstract depiction of violence against women, brief rape mention. **Please Note: Neither transphobia nor discrimination of any kind will be tolerated by the production team; all audition/rehearsal spaces and shooting locations will be designated hate-free zones, and all cast & crew will work together to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all involved personnel throughout production, no exceptions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter. Thank you. To sign up for a time slot on either of the listed dates, and for information regarding alternative audition options, please utilize the Google Doc link: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the director, Rebecca Ben-David at [email protected] or 770-876-7423.