Casting Call for Adults with Depression

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Seeking real stories of resilience: Casting call for adults diagnosed with depression in USA.

Living with depression can be challenging, and it's important to shed light on the experiences and resilience of those who face this condition every day. GENUINE, an organization committed to promoting mental health awareness, is currently seeking real people aged 18 and above who have been diagnosed with depression or major depressive disorder (MDD). They are inviting individuals who take an antidepressant along with an add-on treatment to participate in an uplifting video project that aims to inspire and educate others. Not only will those selected have an opportunity to share their stories, but they will also be fairly compensated for their time and contribution.

GENUINE believes in the power of authenticity and recognizes the importance of real stories in creating a meaningful impact. By featuring individuals diagnosed with depression, they aim to provide a platform for personal narratives that inspire hope and understanding. This casting call offers an incredible chance for those affected by depression to share their journey, highlight their resilience, and remind others that they are not alone.

Suppose you are an adult who has been diagnosed with depression and currently takes both an antidepressant and an add-on treatment. In that case, you may be eligible to participate in this groundbreaking video project. GENUINE is keen on representing diverse experiences, backgrounds, and ages, as depression affects individuals from all walks of life.

Selected participants will have the opportunity to contribute to an uplifting video project and receive fair compensation for their time and involvement. GENUINE recognizes the value of personal experiences and wants to ensure that those who share their stories are appropriately compensated for their contribution.

The video project aims to destigmatize depression by showing the strength and resilience of individuals who face this condition head-on. By sharing personal stories, participants have the power to humanize the experience of depression, helping to reduce the misconceptions and misunderstandings that often surround mental health issues.

The ultimate goal is to inspire hope and support those currently battling depression. By showcasing the journeys of individuals who have found their ways to cope and manage their condition, GENUINE hopes to uplift and encourage viewers who may be going through similar struggles. Through these stories of resilience, a sense of community and understanding can be fostered.

The casting call for adults diagnosed with depression and taking an antidepressant along with an add-on treatment is an incredible opportunity to contribute to a video project that seeks to uplift and inspire others. By sharing personal stories of resilience, participants have the chance to break the stigma surrounding depression and create a sense of understanding and community. If you're ready to share your journey and make a difference, don't hesitate to apply. Your story could be the beacon of hope that someone else desperately needs.

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Casting: Adults Diagnosed With Depression


GENUINE is looking for:

  • Real people 18+ diagnosed with depression who take an antidepressant AND an add-on treatment to be featured in an uplifting video project.

Those selected will be compensated.

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