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'The Card Counter' movie is now casting hand doubles in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming on February 24th through March 20th in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Producers are seeking the following types:

  • Poker Dealers
  • Casino Extras

About 'The Card Counter':

During an interview with Metrograph, Paul Schrader opened up a bit about his new film The Card Counter: “But now, in another week, I’m gonna go back to work. I’ve written a new script and I’m making a new film. We’re cast and we’re financed. It’s an original script, very much in the style I like to do. Nice cast. Oscar Isaac is the main guy. Tye Sheridan and Tiffany Haddish. And Willem [Dafoe’s> in it too. I love Tiffany. I’ve never met her, but I was on the phone with her for an hour. She’s a firecracker. It’s like talking to a live-wire connection. She’s very funny and, of course, she makes you funny. When someone’s sharp, that makes you get sharp because you want to keep up. So that’s all good. In my films, I’ll sort of combine two worlds that seem to have nothing to do with each other. In the new one, it’s the world series of poker and Abu Ghraib.” The Card Counter “follows William Tell (Isaac), a gambler and former serviceman who sets out to reform a young man seeking revenge on a mutual enemy from their past. Tell just wants to play cards. His spartan existence on the casino trail is shattered when he is approached by Cirk, a vulnerable and angry young man seeking help to execute his plan for revenge on a military colonel. Tell sees a chance at redemption through his relationship with Cirk. Gaining backing from mysterious gambling financier La Linda, Tell takes Cirk with him on the road, going from casino to casino until the unlikely trio set their sights on winning the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. But keeping Cirk on the straight-and-narrow proves impossible, dragging Tell back into the darkness of his past.” How to apply:

The Card Counter Movie Casting Call

Tiffany Haddish Stand-in Casting Call

Tiffany Haddish Stand In Works July 8th 11th and 12th Biloxi MS
Send picture, name, phone, email, height and weight to: [email protected]

Muscle Guys Casting Call

Need two really big guys 6'3"+ muscle, imposing types for Wednesday on the The Card Counter
Send picture and height to [email protected]

Casino Scene Casting Call

July 8th Casino Scene If you have been in more than ONE casino scene (place) please do not submit. This is a completely different place and we cannot have repeat people unless you have been TOLD you are needed for this scene. We are looking for younger crowd. Send headshot with FULL NAME IN THE FILE NAME (it will get lost of you don't) Your FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND BEST EMAIL CONTACT IN THE EMAIL ALL TOGETHER. O [email protected]

Photo Double Casting Call

The Card Counter is looking for a card handler who can pass for an over the shoulder body double for Oscar Issacs. Must be able to: Do one-handed shuffles Is a credible body double for Oscar over the shoulder, plus hands. Email Photo full name and phone number to [email protected]

Expired Casting Calls

Casino Patrons Casting Call Monday 3-16 and Tuesday 3-17 Biloxi MS $80/10 The Card Counter with Oscar Isaac and Tiffany Haddish Need younger adults (especially males) for Casino patrons and a "night out" scene- lovers tables games players, bar patrons... Email [email protected] World Series of Poker Casting Call BILOXI MS $80/10 MARCH 11th Wednesday EMAIL: [email protected] Put Young people - Poker Player- Tournament person-in the subject line! We will need 500 extras on the 11th for our big crowd scenes for our stars Oscar Issacs and Tiffany Haddish to play in WSOP! We are looking for 500 people on Wednesday the 11th. MUST BE 18 or look 18 and accompanied by a parent. LOOKING for young people especially. All ethnitices and types- characters! If you are seeing this late- JUST SHOW UP! DO NOT BE LATE! BUT READ BELOW: We need tournament observers and poker players- Young people, Asians, All ethnicities and Characters! We will need you to bring several options of clothing for wardrobe to pick. SEE BELOW ***If you are a PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER email me and put PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER in the subject line! CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS THE RULES! COVER YOUR TATTOOS *NO LOGOS, NO NEON, NO STRIPES, NO BOLD OR BUSY PRINTS/PATTERNS, No sparkles, NO shiny, NO VISIBLE TEXT OR BRANDING! EXCEPT for your character- then all rules are off but bring clothing options! Hats, glasses, scarves, rings watches jewelry... Poker Players/Tournament Audience: Casino type wear- what would they wear to the casino? USE MUTED COLORS. Layers lots of layers. Hoodies Sun glasses! Hosts of all sorts with no logos. Bring casual options & dressier options. Light jackets/layering pieces, sport coats, blazers, sweaters, hoodies, tshirts, long sleeve shirts, button down shirts, blouses, Jeans, slacks/dress pants, chinos, jeans, dresses, boots, dress shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, skirts, pumps, flats, etc. See pictures below. WHERE: The Gulf Coast Coliseum in BILOXI Enter through Gate 3 on Beauvoir Road, with parking ONLY in Parking Lot 7! Then enter HALL A building. Bring all your clothing choices with you as well as things to do. MUST BRING CLOTHING CHOICES! There will be a lot of sitting around time so games, cards, tablets, battery chargers, etc., might be useful passing the time. Tiffany is enjoying her time on the coast and the cast wants everyone to have fun participating in these peak scenes of the movie. Let's how them what we have Gulf Coast! Speaking Role Casting Call URGENT CALL FOR HELP! THE CARD COUNTER | SAG-AFTRA FILM BILOXI, MS. (Casting Sites please DO NOT SHARE) Need Speaking Role for tomorrow, March 10th: THE DEALER. Please pass along to any real dealers or actors who have excellent card dealing skills! Shoots tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10th in Biloxi, MS. Pays SAG Scale ($653.25/DAY). Must work local hire. Email photo and resume to: [email protected] ASAP SUBJECT LINE: DEALER for TCC | 03.10.20 In the body of your email, be sure to include the following info: 1. Name: 2. Contact info (phone #): 3. Representation if applicable: 4. Tell us about your dealer experience. 5. If you have a video showing off your skills, please feel free to include in submission. Seeking: DEALER. Female or Male. Middle aged ideally (flexible, do not limit). If female, we are open to all ethnic backgrounds. If male, we are seeking ethnic options only. Looking for someone who can confidently deal a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Should have professional level dealer skills, or very close. A believable dealer...1 line, 1 scene. Casino Players Casting Call 2/27 BILOXI MS 32 Casino players Table games players $80/10 Send picture, full name, phone number, email address (yes in the body of the email) to [email protected] Gun Enthusiasts Casting Call 32 Gun enthusiast/conventioneers $80/10 Send picture, full name, phone number, email address (yes in the body of the email) to [email protected] Military Types Casting Call 2/27 & 2/28 Two day book must be available two days~ 2 Cop-military "type"/ gun enthusiasts Send picture, full name, phone number, email address (yes in the body of the email) to [email protected] Tiffany Haddish Stand-in Stand In/ body double $125 day rate/12 Tiffany Haddish 5'6" Send headshot and full body shot (name in file names plz) Height, weight. clothing/shoe size Put Tiffany Stand In in the subject line [email protected] Extras Casting Call THE CARD COUNTER Shooting in Biloxi. First extras needed Poker Players and Cops- Must have military or police skills or poker skills (or both) Dates in March- Email [email protected] ONE Photo-full name-phone#- AND EMAIL <---important within the body of your email: name phone email Hand Double Casting Call CAN YOU GIVE US A HAND? Morgan Casting is looking for a card-playing hand double for THE CARD COUNTER, a feature film shooting in Biloxi, MS, 2/24-3/20. Directed by the legendary Paul Schrader, this film is about card players - good ones! - so our hand double must also have card handling skills. Rate is $500/day and more than one day during the shooting schedule may be needed. Exact dates are to be determined. Skin tone must be similar to that pictured here. Please send a photo of your hands as well as a headshot (face/shoulders) when responding to this post, and provide a short a video of you playing/handling cards. Shuffling, manipulating, getting us what you can do with a stack of 52! Submit to [email protected] with the subject line: [Your Name] for Hand Double. [Your Name] should be replaced with your name. In addition to photos and video, please include the following in the text of your email: City/State Where You Currently Live Phone Number If you're a represented actor, please provide the name of your agent. Tell us a little bit about your card playing! Do you have experience as a dealer, a gambler, a magic trick maker? Tell us about your film experience: Have you ever worked as an actor/extra or spent time on a movie set? Thanks for your help! We look forward to "dealing" with you! Related: How to Find Acting Auditions and Casting Calls

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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