Brakes Plus Commercial Casting Call for Several Speaking Roles

Mechanic Car Commercial

A Brakes Plus commercial is now casting several speaking roles in Birmingham, Alabama.

All The Way Entertainment is now casting speaking roles for an upcoming Brakes Plus commercial. Filming will shoot on January 31st in Birmingham, Alabama. Casting directors are looking for African American and Caucasian actors between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. Video auditions are required. Talents will be compensated $400 for their work in the commercial.

How to apply:

Brakes Plus - Jan. 31st - One Day shoot in Birmingham, AL Pays $400 (1) AA Male 20 - 40 yrs old (1) Caucasian Male 20 - 40 yrs old. Video auditions are required, cell phone video is fine. Follow directions below for each video. NEED THESE TODAY!!!!! 1. Super Fan: Can be pretend - no real props are needed DIRECTIONS: • Scene 1: Guy puts on hat; maybe gives a simple hand clap or one small, weak fist pump. • Scene 2: "Go nuts!” Guy should tap into the emotion of reacting to his favorite sports team winning a big game. Maybe he jumps, yells, etc. Looking to see crazy and comedic. 2. Flower Guy: Can be pretend - no real flowers needed DIRECTIONS: • Scene 1: Guy stands with flowers behind back. He brings those to the front like he’s giving them to a wife/girlfriend and smiles. • Scene 2: Comedic. Guy realizes he doesn’t have any flowers. He’s shocked and feels unprepared. He quickly ducks off screen and comes back with a handful of flowers/weeds like he just pulled them from the ground. Excited he has flowers, he smiles really big though his “flowers” are really a bunch of weeds. Email me your video auditions to: [email protected]

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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description. What do you think? Discuss this story with other fans on Instagram @projectcasting