'Bedizen' Indie Feature Film Open Casting Call in Los Angeles

Production Title: Bedizen Union/Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Independent Project Length: 70 Minutes Production Company: Rich and Full Entertainment Company Website: Shooting Location: Los Angeles Email: [email protected] Compensation: TBD   FOR RSVP SEND YOUR PORTFOLIO TO [email protected]   Synopsis “Bedizen” is a film about two young and ambitious hustlers working to transform their dreams into realities. But along their road to success are crowded obstacles that ignite tension in their path. This drama is a thriller full of sensational lessons and packed with everyday representations of the real world.   Greg Greg is a man who seems impaired after the occurrence of his brother’s death, Ronald. Being newly recognized as a sluggish alcoholic, Greg keeps his ears and eyes open as clues to a great mystery reveal the truth. Character traits – depressed, vengeful, observant, thinker, stressed out ·         Mid 20’s-early 30’s; African American; between 5’8-6 ft.;   Benny Benny is the jewel holder of animosity and resentful to others who seek to fulfill their dreams. He’s a hater. Character traits – jealous, cruel, self-absorbed, spiteful, grumpy, egotistical maniac, jokester, clever, hustler ·         Mid 20’s-early 30’s; African American; between 5’11-6’2; average built man     Nena Nena is a beautiful and stylish woman. She has a thunderous & sassy attitude.  She dates Josh. Character traits – Comical, stylish, outgoing, vulgar, belligerent, trouble-starter, fiery, ditzy ·         Early-mid 20’s; African American; 5’4 to 5’7; Curvy physique   Dana Dana is Nena’s longtime best friend. She is preserved and ladylike. Character traits - Caring, loyal, smart, stylish, great-listener ·         Early-mid 20’s; African American; 5’4 to 5’7; Curvy physique   Monica Monica is a young lady who’s still growing as a person. She’s shy, caring, and adorable, as opposed to being sexy and foxy like other ladies. Monica enters a relationship with Mongry, her caretaker’s grandson.  She soon comes across plenty of experiences that help her understand what it’s like to not be childish. Character traits – optimistic, playful, shy, insecure, smart, innocent, responsible, well-mannered, mousy, soft-spoken ·         18-21; African-American; 5’5 to 5’8; athletic or slim physique   Katrina Katrina is a friend of SLY M who turns out to be sneaky and deceitful. She secretly works for Benny on certain terms. Character traits – sneaky, instigator, spunky, feisty, ravishing, sultry ·         Early 20’s; African American; about 5’7;     Josh Josh is slightly different from the people he hangs around. He is a person who seeks independence for himself. He is also Nena’s boyfriend. Character traits – hustler, giving, ·         Early-mid 20’s; African American; 5’8 to 6ft.; average built man   Shortstack Goofy, funny, and random, not to mention a grown knuckle head, Shortstack is part of Benny’s crew. Character traits – irresponsible, clumsy, very-talkative, obnoxious, goofy, ·         Early-mid 20’s; African-American; 5’5 to 5’8; average built man

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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