'Bad Moms 2' Open Casting Call in Atlanta, Georgia

Bad Moms 2 is now casting extras and hiring stand-ins in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bad Moms 2 is now casting actors, models, and talent to appear in the new movie. Casting directors are now hiring actors to work as stand-ins and photo doubles in the movie for the lead actors including Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and many other actors in the movie. Stand-ins will be compensated $140/12 and filming starts as early as this May. Producers are also looking for actors to portray characters in featured scenes.

About Bad Moms 2:

Best friends Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) deal with more stress during the holidays when their respective mothers come to visit. To audition for a role on Bad Moms 2, check out the casting call breakdown.

Bad Moms 2 Casting Call

Bad Moms 2 Shooting: May - June 2017 Looking for multiple dates & open availability for: Stand ins:Rate 140/12 Mila Kunis: height 5’3 108 ages 25-40 brunette Subject AMY Stand in Kristen Bell: height 5’1 108 ages 25-40 blonde Subject KIKI stand in Kathryn Hahn: height 5’5 118 ages 30-45 auburn Subject CARLA stand in ALSO: currently looking for MANY very featured bg! (ALL rates listed below are $120/for 10!) Work Dates subject to change: Scared Brookstone employee Fussy uptight Caucasian male ages 30-50’s (think Michael Hitchcock from best in show) work date May 11th Subject: Fussy scared man William and Sonoma employee cute, fun 20’-30’s any ethnicity work date May 11th Subject: SONOMA CUTE Bored Information booth Caucasian male employee Shlubby looking 40’-50’s work date May 11th Subject: SHLUBBY Spring Employees Caucasian males 18-25 either really skinny or heavy. Work date may 11th Subject: Sprint Escorting Elf any ethnicity needs to be short does not need to be a LP person. Work date May 11th Subject: ELF Kid’s on Santa’s lap ages 5-8 any ethnicity really cute. Work date May 11th Subject: Kids w/ santa Photographer male any ethnicity 30-50. Work date May 11th Subject: Photographer (do not need equipment/ list if you have experience) Man in Elf costume: Annoyingly Jolly Caucasian male between 20-50’s round face short-ish/normal height. Work date May 12 Subject: ANNOYING Elf Panda Express employee, Asian 30’s-50’s Work date May 12 Subject: Panda Dopey Barista Type, male Caucasian 19-25 hipster type Goatee a plus. Work date May 12th Subject: Dopey Annoying Hipsters, Young 18-25 male and females Caucasian. Work date May 15th Subject: HIPSTERS Caterer’s male and female ages 20-35 nice looking. If you have a full tuxedo please let us know. Work date May 15th Subject: Caterers Insanely Hairy Caucasian Woman. Think eastern European. The bushier the eyebrows the better. Ages 40-60s. Work date May 23 Subject: HAIRY Lady Betty White type silver grey hair: 70’s or older. Sweet looking. Work date May 23 Subject: Betty White Spa Receptionist any ethnicity, very attractive and professional looking well put together. This is a vey nice spa. Work date May 23 Subject: Receptionist Snarky Neighbor, Caucasian Uppity type very wealthy looking, mom type ages 30-45. Work date May 31 Subject: UPPITY MOM Uptight MOM Caucasian ages 30-45. Work date June 17th Subject: UPTIGHT MOM Kooky looking mom with great character look. Caucasian ages 25-45. Work date June 17th Subject: KOOKY MOM We are also looking for multiple twin boys ages 3-4. To work throughout the filming. This is to play Kristen Bells kids. And a female ages 5-6. Subject: KIKI’ KIDS We will have much more but this is a good start. Please spread the word/like us on Facebook. If you fit any of the description above send 3 current photos of yourself: face/body shots. Include your age weight, height. Then if you are a male: include your coat, pant, shirt and shoe size. Ladies include your bust, waist and hips size to include dress and pant size. In subject line of email put the category you’re applying for. Do not forget to include your phone number & entire name. E-mail to ASAP!: [email protected] What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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