'Bad Moms 2' Atlanta Casting Call for Featured Roles

Bad Moms 2 is now casting featured roles in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bad Moms 2 is now casting future rules for the upcoming Mile Kunis movie. Casting directors are now hiring total doubles, standards, day laborer types, children's church choir types, kid musicians, and upscale rich types along with several very featured rules for the upcoming feature film. Filming will take place throughout Atlanta, Georgia this spring.

Casting directors have listed out a long list of instructions for applying for this upcoming production.

About Bad Moms 2:

Best friends Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) deal with more stress during the holidays when their respective mothers come to visit.
To audition for a role on Bad Moms 2, check out the casting call breakdown.

Bad Moms 2 Casting Call

A few thing thanks so much to everyone who has already submitted.. I would to say a few thing about submitting. 1. I am sure you love your significant other but ONLY submit a photo of yourself(UNLESS we specify a family photo) Only you in the photo. Try to send a smaller JPG some of your photos are gigantic. 2. Please send your full name, age, weight, height and clothing sizes. Do not forget to include your phone number. 3. Please put in the subject line the category you are submitting for. 4. Also please leave out your life history. Why you want to act etc. we get 1000's of emails and it is arduous to scroll down to just find a photo and your stats.
Here is what we are currently looking for: For this DO NOT post if you do NOT MEET the look or requirements. If you know someone who fits the look and actually does this professionally then please give them the e-mail listed below. We are looking for very HOT men who are strippers. Ages 21-35 all ethncities. Must have a 12 pack stomach and very little tattoos. You must be comfortable on stage in a G-string dancing. The rate for this is a dance contract rate of 818/8 and a 550 rehearsal day. Work dates 6/10&6/11. Subject: Stripper Photo dbl for David Walton (please google him)he is 6'4 170-180 30-40 years old. Work dates interview 4/27 if picked will work 5/4. Rate 150/8 photo below must be clean shaven Subject: Mike photo DBL Christine Baranski(please google her) stand in must have open availability from 4/27-6/17. Height 5'10 weight 110-130. We don now know yet if she is going to be brunette or blonde? so both submit if fit type ages 50-65. Rate 140/12 Subject:: Ruth stand in Susan Sarandon stand in must have open availability. Please look her up . Brown hair height 5'7 125 ages 55-65. Rate 140/12 Subject: ISIS Day laborers types. Ages 18-40 all ethnicites. But must have a character look. Handle bar mustaches. long hair, not everyone needs long hair or mustaches.. but big tough looks. work date Thursday 4/4. rate 88/10 subject: DAY Laborers Looking for a children's church choir. ages 6'16 all ethnicities. Must be all ethnicites not all one type. Will be singing Silent Night in church. If also are a member of a church and can give us a contact number please do at the email below. work dates 6/13 &6/14. Rate 120/8 subject: Children's Choir Kids who can kind of play the violin and stand up base. any ethnicity must own the instrument. Ages 10-16 Work date Saturday 6/17 rat e120/8 Subject: MUSIC Still looking for a women with long frizzy hair past your bra. any age. work date 5/23 rate 120/10 Subject: HAIRY LADY 2 A very upscale rich looking male with Asian or Caucasian. ages 30-45. Must look the part. Work date 6/16 subject: Whole foods rate 120/10 Still looking for elf types very interesting faces. must be small and short. ages 18-35. work date 5/10 rate 120/10 subject: Nice elfs Looking for a male celebrity look alike. If anyone has told you that you like like a famous celebrity please submit. ages 30-60 work date 6/13&6/14 rate 120/10 subject: Celebrity Please submit 3 photos NOT large with full body and head shot, must include your height weight and clothing sizes; Men coat, shirt pant ,shoe, ladies dress bust, waist, hip shoe size. Do not forget to put in your phone number e-mail: [email protected] What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply