Atlanta Casting Speaking Roles for "Fado's Irish Pub"

Casting Directors are now casting for a speaking role Fado's Irish Pub. This opportunity will be shot in Atlanta. They are currently looking for men ages 25 to 35 with improv and comedy skills. DUDES Males, ages 25-35, open ethnicity, good improv and comedy skills. MUST BE ABLE TO DO IRISH ACCENT. They are looking for character types, interesting looks, barfly, slacker types. Make sure to include your resume. Please note any improv and comedy experience. We suggest that if you do not have any experience, you do not submit. This is NOT background/extra work. Thanks. UNION: NON Union. SHOOT DATES: Tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 21st, 2012 LOCATION: Atlanta, GA RATE: $800+20% agency fee (if applicable) USAGE: Web and in-house use only. In perpetuity. AUDITION: We will be selecting qualified actors to audition and will notify you or your agent on how to proceed. CALLBACK/INTERVIEW: Thursday, September 20th, 2012 If you know of anyone that might fit these roles, feel free to pass this along. If you are currently part of a comedy team/duo, improv group, etc, you should definitely submit. Be sure to include any links to reels or clips you may have. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ To be considered please read the following instructions and send an email with the below information to [email protected] Include the following information: Name: Age: Contact Phone Number: Location: Email: Height: Weight: Waist: Inseam: Shoe: Jacket: Blouse/Dress Size: PLEASE NOTE ANY TATTOOS YOU HAVE AND LOCATION OF TATTOOS Please email your headshot and resume as well as a current photo taken today. Put FADO'S in subject line. While we love the enthusiasm of some of you, it is not necessary to submit multiple times a day or mulitple times for a single role. ALSO, do NOT submit if you do not fit or have the experience. **IF YOU ACCEPT A BOOKING, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT DAYS CAN START VERY EARLY AND MAY RUN 12+ HOURS.**     Break a Leg!     LicenseAttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Un ragazzo chiamato Bi