Apple TV's 'Bishop's Birthday' Los Angeles Extras Casting Call

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Apple TV's 'Bishop's Birthday' casting call for extras in Los Angeles, California.

Apple TV Casting directors are now casting extras to work on scenes filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Casting: Security Guards

  • Union men to portray upscale Security Guards
  • Age 30's, with short hair, and clean-shaven.

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'Bishop's Birthday' Casting Call | Apple TV

Cannot have worked the show Bishop's Birthday. Union submissions only, please

Covid Test on Tuesday, 9/27/22

Shoots on Weds 9/28/22 in Los Angeles

Kristan is looking for Union men to portray upscale Security Guards, age 30's, with short hair, and clean-shaven.

 Must be a 34-36 waist and a 42-44 coat.

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Acting Tips 

Acting is not just about reciting lines and memorizing blocking. To be a successful extra, you must understand how to play the role and work with the other actors on set. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Understand the character you are playing. Who are they? What is their motivation? What is their backstory? Knowing this will help you make choices about how to play the role.
  2. Talk to the other actors on set. Could you get to know them and their characters? This will help you understand the relationships between the characters and make your scenes more believable.
  3. Pay attention to the director's instructions. They will often give you specific things to do or say that will help move the scene along.
  4. Be prepared for anything. If you are given a cue to do something, be ready to do it immediately. If you are asked to improvise, be creative and think on your feet.
  5. Relax and have fun. Remember, you are just playing a role. It's not real life. Enjoy the experience, and don't take yourself too seriously.

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