"Anna Nicole Smith Story" Open Casting Call

If you are interested in a role in the upcoming Anna Nicole Smith Movie leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered!

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The amazing and yet heartbreaking story of model, actress, and media fixture Anna Nicole Smith is heading to the only network that can truly illustrate her story. Lifetime is getting ready to begin production on The Anna Nicole Smith Story and shooting will take place in the Atlanta, Georgia area. This will be your opportunity to make your mark on a quality film that will be seen by millions of Lifetime and Anna Nicole Smith fans. Moreover, this is just a great chance to learn lessons of the movie and television industry from talented and successful professionals. The Anna Nicole Smith Story will go deep into the life of the late star with specific focus on her final days and ultimately tragic years. The film will concentrate on her troubled relationship with her teenaged son Daniel, her lawyer, and her billionaire husband J. Howard Marshall and Marshall's son. It is hard not to say that Smith's life was not filled with love, excess, and in the end loneliness and confusion. Anna Nicole was one of the first trule global tabloid stars and her story will be nothing short of excitement, controversy, and heartbreak. More details will be coming soon, so leave a comment below and let us know why you are interested in this production and stay tuned for every casting call and audition update for the Lifetime feature film, "The Anna Nicole Smith Story" If you are interested in a principal role mail your headshot, resume, and contact information to: Submit your photos and resume by mail only. DO NOT PHONE CALL OR DO PERSONAL DROP OFFS. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Atlanta Fincannon & Associates 500-D Amsterdam Avenue Atlanta, GA 30306 Los Angeles Christina Snider Susan Edelman Casting, Inc. 13272 Ventura Blvd. Suite 210 Studio City, Ca 91604 Open Casting Call This Monday October 8th 1pm - 10 pm Atlanta Marriott- Perimeter Center 246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30346 Seeking: Men and women, ages 18 and over, non union, all ethnicities. Experienced and Un experienced extras are both welcome All types should come. For details  to the open call this coming Monday, OCTOBER 8th at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center from 1pm to 10pm.  Go to the website for more info on the current projects page. Casting Update Casting directors are now asking talent to take a few minutes and complete a new & revised registration form for Tammy Smith Casting. THIS database will now be the main files/database, so regardless of previous submissions and the HOS website that you may or may not already have registered on thru the TSC website, she is asking that you do this new registration form. You will only have to do this once and it will take about 10-15 min for you to do. NOTE: This process must be done from a computer and not a smartphone device. Also, depending on your internet speed, you may experience a "Please wait" note when you hit submit. Just give it a minute to load if that occurs. Here is the link: Tammy Smith Casting Registration Form (ages 18 and over) This is a direct, new IN-HOUSE ONLY database. This simple formatted form goes directly to TSC ONLY. It's easy too, and it is important for the casting process to have you all in one place with your complete and current info. Additional Information (NOTES): PHOTOS: The size of the photos you can submit is limited** Your photos cannot be larger than 1024KB (1MB). If you need to resize your photos (the photo field in the form will tell you if it is too large), here is a free website that helps you resize photos, if you don't know how to do that on your computer already: - When you get to step 4, enter "1024" in the empty box next to "max file size" and once you are done, make sure you click "save to disk" and it will be on your computer wherever your downloads go. **If the photo size presents a problem for you, and after trying you cannot get the photo size within the limit, please email us letting us know and we will help you. I want you ALL to be on this database, and I don't want the photo to trip you up in this process. The form cannot be submitted without at least one photo, so again, please contact us via email if you have a problem with the sizing. Regarding MINORS: THIS REGISTRATION FORM (via link) IN THIS EMAIL IS FOR ADULTS 18 AND OVER. There will be a registration form for minors released separately at another time. Casting Specifics Casting for REAL EXOTIC DANCERS (strip) AND REAL STRIP CLUB MANAGERS and BOUNCERS. THE WORK DATES are TBD- but filming begins Oct. 15 and will go thru Nov. 9th. The scene will be scheduled with plenty of notice.Please submit to [email protected] and put "EXOTIC" in the subject line. ALSO, please list IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL, which of the above jobs you currently have (either manager, bouncer or dancer) Please include: Your photos- - one head and shoulders photo and one 3/4 body shot would be perfect if possible. Age Height Weight ALL Sizes: Women- Bust/Bra, waist, hips, shoe and dress size Men- Jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe
Casting Update for Kids, and Children Tammy Smith Casting will be casting for various kids, ALL ages (babies, toddlers, kids, teens, etc...) for the Anna Nichole Smith movie. Please make sure to register them with me if you haven't already. If you have registered them before in the past, she would appreciate if you'd do my new registration form for them, especially since updated photos are needed anyway as they grow!!
The scenes with kids are for school scenes, park scenes, etc...
Casting Update October 12, 2012
  1. Looking for a 3 yr old boy (or boys) to be a featured extra as Anna Nicole Smith's son. Must have either blond, dirty blond or light brown hair to be considered. Ages 2 to 4 can submit (or even a small 5 yr old!) TWINS or TRIPLETS would be fantastic!! It works on 3 different days and the schedule is still being ironed out (we film M-F's starting Oct. 22nd through Nov. 16- bear that in mind). You will know by this coming Monday if your submission is being considered and given the potential work dates by then.
  2. Looking for MEN AND WOMEN, ages 21 to 50, who are good LAWYER (business) / LEGAL STAFF types for 2 different SEPARATE featured scenes with legal teams (lawyers, paralegals, legal asst's etc..)- One on Oct 24th and one on Nov 5th. You MUST have good conservative business SUITS (ladies, skirts ok too).
  3. Looking for College MEN, ages 20-22, to play FRAT BOYS on Oct 25th
October 17, 2012
Now also looking for a 1 (ONE) yr old boy (or boys) to be a featured extra as Anna Nicole Smith's son. Must have either blond, dirty blond or light brown hair to be considered (Caucasian only).Ages 10 months to 18 months can submit (depends on size, etc..) TWINS or TRIPLETS would be fantastic!!
Looking for a Hispanic MAID and a HISPANIC POOL MAN for this coming MONDAY on the ANNA NICOLE SMITH MOVIE.The maid can be any age, over 18 up to 60 and the Pool man should be ages 18-35. It is just for Monday, but again, these featured people will be selected by the director after I received submissions.
Looking for ATTRACTIVE, GOOD LOOKING, FIT, younger men and women, ages 18 to 35 who would be ok to kiss our lead actress in a scene (she gets caught up in a celebratory moment and kisses some of the partying people near her- not deeply, but not a peck either).
This works NOV. 12th, but we need to select these featured people asap. There will be an add'l $ bump for doing this. Please submit to [email protected] and put "KISSING OK" in the subject line.
Please include: Your PHOTOS- CLEAR AND CURRENT Age Height Weight ALL Sizes: Women- Bust/Bra, waist, hips, shoe and dress size Men- Jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe WARNING: any inappropriate comments on postings of this nature will put you in jeopardy of being banned from this page. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated in advance!
Casting Update October 22, 2012
Looking for a Caucasian MALE to play an EXECUTIVE BUSINESS MAN tomorrow, AGES 45 to 55 ONLY should submit.The chosen one will also work on 11/6/12 The director will be selecting this person by mid afternoon. Please submit ASAP to [email protected] and put "EXECUTIVE" in the subject line. Casting Update November 6, 2012 Looking for a male , Ages 35 to 55, AFRICAN AMERICANto play a DOCTOR for TOMORROW on "Anna Nicole Smith"- to work in the RIVERDALE area: NOTE: that the day will start in the late morning or early afternoon
Please submit to [email protected] and put "WEDNESDAY" Please include:
PLEASE INCLUDE the FOLLOWING INFO:PHOTOS  (current/clear- one in your business attire if possible) Your AGE Height Weight ALL Sizes: Women- Bust/Bra, waist, hips, shoe and dress size Men- Jacket, neck, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe
If you are interested in a role in the upcoming Anna Nicole Smith Movie leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered!

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