Casting CallsAngel of Mercy Casting Call in Georgia for Principal Roles

Angel of Mercy Casting Call in Georgia for Principal Roles


Angel of Mercy is a paranormal set in an east Alabama town. The series starts with a series of unsolved murders, these murders are believe to be the work of a serial killer.

Angel of Mercy Casting Call

The murders draws the attention of the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and then The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Soon it becomes apparent that there is more than meets the eye in this case.
When submitting for the audition please include a head shot, and in the subject line include the name of the character you wish to audition for.

Roger- Male- Mid to late 40's- Any Race- Ex-cop that lost his job taking bribes, black sheep of the . Does work as a PI, but lose a lot of in gambling. Took on a new character when He finds out his sister has cancer and takes Lilith's case not knowing what he's getting into to.

JOHNSON – Male – Early to Mid 20's- Any race- ABI , Jack's Partner, Computer Savy, Johnson prefers to stay out of the field, more comfortable doing tech than interviewing suspects. Jacks and him have been partners for a year since Jacks move to Alabama and the ABI. They clicked and have a solid friendship.

PETERSON- Male- Mid to Late 50's- Caucasian – Peterson is a good old southern boy. out of shaped cop that runs it by the book. Mercs and Peterson have a and are not on the best of footings, but he means well even though he comes off gruff.

BENNINGS – Male – Early 20's – any race- Bennings is a newbie CSI agent that works for the Local PD. He is always eager to please agents and his superiors. Jittery & stutters when nervous.

COP 1 – Male or Female- Any age or race- Cop that is talking with another cop about Jacks outside the crime scene.

COP 2 – Male or Female- Any age or race- Cop that is talking with another cop about Jacks outside the crime scene.

BARTENDER – Female – Mid to Late 30's – any race- Bartender at Place where Damion makes his move. She flirts with Johnson

ERICA – female- Mid 20's- Prefer blond Busty type but will consider others. Must be comfortable wearing a skimpy outfit.

WAITRESS – Female – Mid 20's – Any race- Busty Type, Jacks & Merc's server at restaurant, flirts with Jacks.

BENNY – Male- Early 50's – Any Race- Think almost soprano type, loan shark but one of the nicest ones you'll meet. Last to see Roger alive.

SUSIE – Female – Early 40's- Race dependent on who is for Roger- Roger's younger sister, was the golden child until she was diagnosed with cancer. Became dependent on Roger.

CAPTAIN- Male- 40's – Any Race- Head of the ABI, Nice to a point, follows protocol.

ANCHOR – Female News Anchor – Any race & age

MALE ANCHOR- News Anchor- Any race & age

FEMALE ANCHOR – news anchor- any race or age

VINCE – Alabama Governor

GRANDPA – 60's to 70's – Male- Any race

Andy – 60's to 70's – Male- Any race (Dependent on who is cast for Grandpa)

  • To be considered for casting email [email protected] in the subject line: write the character you will be auditioning for, ex: role of Susie
  • Include a head shot with your email
  • Auditions will be held at the end of June. once in Atlanta and the other in Columbus Ga. Exact dates to be decided.
  • Filming is tentatively scheduled for the first week in August .

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