Andrew Lloyd Weber's 'Love Never Dies: Phantom Returns' Kids Casting Call

Calling all talented young performers! Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'love never dies: Phantom returns' kids casting call in United Kingdom.

Are you a young performer with a passion for music and a flair for the dramatic? An incredible opportunity awaits you! Andrew Lloyd Webber's sensational production, 'Love Never Dies: Phantom Returns,' is embarking on an international tour, and they are currently seeking exceptionally talented children to join the cast. If you dream of gracing the stage and captivating audiences with your voice, this casting call could be your chance to shine. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how you can be a part of it.

'Love Never Dies' takes us back to the mesmerizing world of the Phantom ten years after he disappears from the Paris Opera House. Set in 1907, the Phantom has found solace in the vibrant atmosphere of New York's Coney Island, surrounded by joy rides and freak shows. In this electrifying new chapter, the Phantom longs for his beloved Christine Daaé, trapped in an unhappy marriage with Raoul. When Christine receives an invitation to perform at a renowned opera house in New York, the Phantom seizes the opportunity to reunite with his lost love.

As part of this enchanting production, the casting directors search for remarkable young talent to portray Gustave, Christine, and Raoul's young son. Gustave should have a playing age of 10, possessing a small and slight physical appearance. The character exudes a mysterious and mischievous aura, captivating audiences with his intriguing presence. Additionally, Gustave must possess a stunning pure vocal range as a boy soprano, evoking a genuine chorister sound.

To accommodate the demands of the role, six boys will be selected to share the role of Gustave, forming two teams with a schedule to be confirmed. The chosen boys must live within one hour's travel of central London due to practical considerations. Therefore, it is requested that suggestions for children residing outside this area are not put forward.

For aspiring young performers eager to audition for the role of Gustave, the auditions will take place in London on Tuesday, 6th June, and Thursday, 8th June 2023. If selected, three children will alternate performances in China for two months, after which they will return to the UK. New performers will join the tour every two months, ensuring a fresh and dynamic cast throughout the production.

The initial cycle of the tour is as follows: rehearsals will commence on 28th August 2023, followed by travel to China on 3rd September 2023. The grand premiere is set for 28th September 2023 in Shanghai, with the contract ending after two months of performances (exact dates to be confirmed).

Joining the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Love Never Dies: Phantom Returns offers an extraordinary chance for young performers to showcase their immense talent on an international stage. The magic of live theater, the timeless music, and the captivating storyline make this production an experience. If you possess vocal prowess, acting skills, and the ability to captivate audiences, don't miss this golden opportunity to participate in something remarkable.

If you are a young performer with a passion for music and a desire to shine on an international stage, this casting call for the role of Gustave is tailor-made for you. Mark your calendars for the auditions on the 6th and 8th of June 2023 in London, and prepare to amaze the casting directors with your talent. This could be the first step toward a future filled with endless possibilities in musical theater. Embrace the opportunity, let your voice soar, and let the magic unfold on stage as you bring Gustave to life in this great production!

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Andrew Lloyd Weber's 'Love Never Dies: Phantom Returns' Kids Casting Call

Auditions for children

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Love never dies

The phantom returns

Children’s casting International tour

Score by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater, 

Book by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Glenn Slater, Ben Elton and Frederick Forsyth

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Love Never Dies’ is launching its international tour in China this autumn.  The year is 1907. It is 10 years after he disappears from the Paris opera house, the phantom has escaped to a new life in New York where he lives amongst the screaming joy rides and freak shows of coney island. In this new electrically-charged world, he has finally found a place for his music to soar. All that is missing is his love – Christine Daaé.

Christine is struggling in an ailing marriage with Raoul. She accepts an invitation to travel to new york and perform at a renowned opera house. In a final bid to win back her love, the phantom lures Christine, her husband, and their young son Gustave from Manhattan; to the glittering and glorious world of coney island, not knowing what is in store for them…

We are looking for: Gustave

  • Playing age 10 years old, small and slight. He has a mysterious darker, mischievous quality.
  • He needs a stunning pure vocal – boy soprano – a genuine chorister sound.
  • We are looking for 6 boys to share the role, in two teams, on a schedule to be confirmed.
  • For practical reasons, boys must live within one hour’s travel of central London. Please do not suggest children who live outside this area.

Auditions in London – Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th June 2023

Three children will be alternating in China for two months of performances. They will then return to the UK. New performers will join the tour every two months. 

Dates for the first cycle only:

Rehearsals commence  28th august 2023

Travel to China  3rd september 2023

First performance  28th September 2023 in Shanghai

Contract end after two months – exact dates TBC.

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