Why Do Some Actors Struggle to Find Acting Jobs After Hit Shows?

Why do some actors struggle to find their next acting job after working on a major TV series?

With so many hit TV shows and leading actors, you would assume that if an actor starred in a popular series, then it would lead them to future acting jobs. However, it does not always happen. Which begs the question - is Hollywood that competitive? Are actors only as good as their last show? Or did they make enough money to turn their back on Hollywood forever? Recently, on Reddit, one user brought up that most of the actors in Mad Men disappeared. Moreover, many of the actors from The Sopranos have not had the mainstream success they once did nearly a decade ago.

So why is it so hard for actors to find acting jobs in Hollywood?

Ultimately, Hollywood is competitive. So competitive, that there is an entire industry in Hollywood dedicated to helping people find work, i.e., talent agencies and managers. Even with a full support team, a lot of actors get stuck into that character, especially if it is their breakout role.

What about acting residuals?

Having a hit TV show and the residuals it brings also means a certain amount of security to pursue less financially lucrative but more personal or artistically fulfilling roles. The cast of Friends is probably the prime example, as none of them "need" to work anymore and can afford to pursue just the projects that interest them. Or how a lot of Star Trek actors post TOS return to theater after their series end, which naturally, doesn't draw the same amount of press.

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