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If you are interested in a role in the hit TV Series, leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered!

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Casting directors are now casting supporting actors and featured roles for their upcoming season. Private Practice is a medical drama that premiered on 2007 on ABC. Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, the series takes place at Seaside Wellness and follows the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery, as she leaves her position in Seattle Grace Hospital in order to join a private practice in Los Angeles. Private Practice was created by Shonda Rhimes. When Private Practice first premiered it received mixed reviews but, currently, the show has 8.08 million viewers. Private Practice features Kate Walsh, Tim Daly, Audra McDonald, Benjamin Bratt, and Paul Adelstein in association with Shondaland, The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios. Principal Casting Information Submit your photos and resume by mail only. DO NOT PHONE CALL OR DO PERSONAL DROP OFFS. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! Private Practice Linda Lowy and Will Stewart, 4151 Prospect Ave., News Center Bldg., 2nd Fl., L.A., CA 90027.
Background Actor Casting Information
To apply for a background role in the series Private Practice attend the Extras Casting Director's daily open casting calls Monday through Friday, from 11:00am to 2:00pm ONLY*.  Closed on weekends and all major holidays. Check the web site for other days of closure throughout the year.
Jeff Olan Casting 14044 Ventura Blvd. Suite # 209 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, US
Casting Update November 11, 2012
Working on the next episode of Private Practice, for photo submission to the director we are seeking – Cauc. Newborns: either Triplets / Twins / Single Babies to be part of a birthing scene. The more recently Newborn the better. If selected, the possible work dates would be: - Mon. - Nov. 19th - Tues. - Nov. 20th - Weds. - Nov. 21st - Mon. - Nov. 26th
- Weds. - Nov. 28th The pay rate is $250 per baby for Twins / Triplets, and $200 per baby for all Single babies. If you or someone you know fits this description – please submit a photo of your baby to [email protected] w/the subject line: Private Practice. Please be sure include your Baby’s DOB / Original Due Date / Height / Weight / Contact Info & whether or not you have a Work Permit / Coogan Trust account set up for your child. Also, please include what dates you may be available for work.
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If you are interested in a role in the hit TV Series, leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered!
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