'ABC Make Me a Star' Competition for Young and Adult Actors - A chance to $25,000 Deal with ABC

ABC Make Me a Star is back and the competition has now expanded to include young actors.

ABC recently announced their second installment of ABC Make Me a Star, the ABC Casting department modern approach to finding new and amazing talent for their projects. The first ABC Make Me A Star competition had an extermely large response. So large in fact, the casting department decided to expand the opportunity for younger actors ages 13 and above. ABC Make Me a Star started November 11, 2013 and will run for three weeks, until November 29, 2013. Actors have the opportunity to apply for the Adult or Minor Competition. All adult actors will be judged privately and younger actors will be voted on by the public. ABC will announce the winners for the competition in January, 2014.

Minor Competition (13 and above)

ABC will review the submissions and the finalists videos will be posted on both the ABC Make Me a Star website and the ABC Casting Facebook page for the public to vote. The winner of the competition will win a 6-month $10,000 Talent Holding Deal with ABC.

Adult Competition (18 and above)

ABC will review the entries to select the finalists, and then will review the finalsts to select a winner. The winner of the Adult Competition will receive a one-year $25,000 Talent Holding Deal with ABC. Previous winners of the ABC Make Me a Star competition were Bechir Sylvain from Los Angeles, California and John Berchtold from Mays Landing, New Jersey. Both winners had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, casting directors and the Casting Department of ABC Family, Disney Channel and Walt Disney Studios.

To apply:

If you are interested, you can find more information and submit your audition to Click Here or visit the ABC Casting Facebook Page.  

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