ABC 'Dirty Dancing' Casting Call for Recurring Roles, Dancers

ABC Dirty Dancing is now casting dancers and recurring roles in Asheville, North Carolina

ABC's new series Dirty Dancing is looking for actors, models, and talent to play "core staff" in Asheville, North Carolina. Producers are looking for men and women between the ages of 18 to 20 to play core staff. Casting directors are looking for talent who are able to film regularly beginning April 11th through mid-May. ABC is looking for producers that have dance experience/training, and talents that can work every day.

About Dirty Dancing:

The new ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake will be a three-episode TV miniseries on ABC. The TV miniseries will feature a “night of singing and dancing as we update the classic film ‘Dirty Dancing’ as a three-hour event.” According to our previous report, Dirty Dancing will will create 1,225 jobs in North Carolina including 900 extras, 30 cast members and 225 “crew/full time” jobs.
To audition for a role on Dirty Dancing, check out the casting call details below:

Dirty Dancing Open Casting Call

DIRTY DANCING - CORE BUNK HOUSE STAFF. We have had MANY submissions and we thank you for those. What we are discovering is many in the age range needed for Core Staff have limited availablity. We can still use those with limited avail but not for our CORE STAFF. We are needing ASAP following; (AS WE NEED TO START GETTING THEM IN FOR FITTING IMMEDIATELY ) Males and Females (18-20's years of age) to portray CORE STAFF. This request is only for those 18-20's FULLY AVAILABLE as needed,when needed,where ever needed during our month of filming. Must be completely wide open and able to film as often as we need beginning April 11th -mid May. Please be aware we will be filming in various locations such as Hendersonville, Saluda, cashiers, Asheville and you must able to work at any location needed as a local. We need a core group that could film EVERY Day if possible. This group may include those with dance experience/training ( guys that can move and wing it very well -would worked lol), as well as several males that can play musicals instruments. If you are in the age range listed, have FULL avail and can work in areas listed and have already submitted your photo and all information require -you can simply send a message with your name,age,phone with heading POSS CORE STAFF. If you have yet to submit, are in the age range listed, have FULL avail and can work in areas listed, you must submit a current photo,name,age,phone,height/weight,clothing sizes,city/state you reside (which should be near or in the filming areas)and any dancer experience or musician experience. FOR THIS REQUEST -Submissions should be sent to [email protected] with heading CORE STAFF. If your previous submission is in another inbox -simply let us know which one. Please do not respond/submit if NOT in this age range listed. Don't worry Adults with much avail, we are going to be making a post for you soon. Stay tuned.

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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