$750 Virginia Lottery Commercial Acting Auditions for Several Roles

Arvold Casting is seeking Virginia based actors, dancers, and real people for a Virginia Lottery commercial.

Casting directors are considering all ethnicities for the project and auditions begin February 25th and will continue until March 2nd. Talents that are selected will be compensated between $400 to $750 per day depending upon the role. They are casting six roles in the production and filming is scheduled for March 11th, 12th and 13th.

Casting directors are seeking the following roles:

Seeking the following roles: SUSHI DINNER GUY: Mid-20’s – Mid-30’s. Male. Any ethnicity.  A guy enjoying sushi with a bunch of his best friends in a festive and fun atmosphere. SUSHI DINNER FRIENDS: Mid-20’s – Mid-30’s. Male and Female. Any ethnicity.  A group of friends enjoying a beautiful sushi dinner in a festive and fun atmosphere. *SUSHI WAITER: Male or female. Enthusiastic and attractive. Brings a fun, energetic mood to his table. Must be able to carry a tray of drinks/food. *JAPANESE SUSHI HOSTESS: Female. Japanese. Enthusiastic and attractive. Must have a great smile. *JAPANESE SUSHI WAITER: Male. Japanese. Enthusiastic and attractive. Brings a fun, energetic mood to his table. Must be able to carry a tray of drinks/food. Ability to write in Japanese a plus. *JAPANESE SUSHI CHEF: A real Japanese sushi chef who is able to prepare authentic sushi. DANCE FLOOR WOMAN: Mid-20’s – Mid-30’s. Female. Hispanic or Caucasian.  Very good dancer with nice arms and very nice hands (please send pic of bare arms and hands with submission to be considered for this role).  Confident and attractive, loves dancing and is having a great time at the club with her friends. DANCE FLOOR FRIENDS: Mid-20’s – Mid-30’s. Female.  Any ethnicity.  All should be confident and love dancing.  Not just “willing to dance” but absolutely loving their time out on the dance floor.  Very confident and enthusiastic. *DANCE FLOOR DJ: Mid-20’s – 30’s. Male or Female. Any ethnicity. Fun and enthusiastic. Ability to DJ/spin a plus. *DANCE FLOOR BOUNCER: Male. Any ethnicity. Very muscular, can be intimidating if necessary. *DANCE FLOOR HOSTESS/COAT CHECK WOMAN: Mid-20’s – 30’s. Female. Any ethnicity. Attractive with a great smile. POKER PLAYER: Mid-30’s – Mid-40’s. Male. Caucasian.  Masculine build with attractive hands (please send pic of hands with submission to be considered for this role).  Blue-collar guy enjoying a night of poker in his man cave. POKER PLAYER’S FRIENDS: Mid-30’s – Mid-40’s. Male. Caucasian. Blue-collar workers, enjoying a night of poker in their best friend’s man cave. *POKER PLAYERS WIFE: Mid-30’s – Mid-40’s. Female. Caucasian. Answers the door to her husband’s friends on just another poker night. Comedic improvisation skills a plus.

Client: Virginia Lottery Production Company: Trademarky Films Casting Company: Arvold Casting Audition Dates:  Feb. 25th – March 2nd Callback Date: Wednesday, March 5th Shoot Dates: March 11th, 12th, & 13th Shoot Location: Richmond, VA area

Pay Rate: $400 – $750 per day (+ 10% agency fee if applicable) depending on role Travel: Gas reimbursed and lodging provided, if applicable Full Buyout: Two (2) years; all media

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