$5000 Long Lost Love Reality Show Casting Call

Single? Get paid $5000 to search for your love! (A&E Networks)

A Major Cable Network (A&E) wants to help you find 'the one that got away.' Are you between 25-40 years old, searching for a LONG LOST LOVE and have no way of finding them? Perhaps it was an epic crush, an ex you regret leaving, or a romantic connection you made studying/vacationing abroad! Whatever your story is, now there will be no more wondering 'what if.' Don’t be alone this Holiday Season!  We'll reconnect you with that special someone from your past in a new TV series and you’ll make $5000. Lost in Love Have you lost touch with a love interest and want to reconnect? Do you feel like if you met them now things would be different? Is there someone in your past you had a huge crush on and never had the courage to tell them? Have you searched the internet far and wide, but to no avail? If your lost love is HARD TO FIND, then we would love to help you relocate him/her on this exciting new television documentary series for a major cable network. We will FIND THEM and help you find the courage to RECONNECT! PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT looking for friendship or family stories. Must NOT be able to find the person on Social MediaInternational stories are ok!


$5000 for the person selected for the series

$500 referral fee if someone you refer is selected for the series

(payable upon successful completion of filming)

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