$400 Printer Commercial Casting Call

Casting directors are now selecting talent for an upcoming Epson commercial. They are currently seeking non union actors, models, and talent to audition via self submission videos for an upcoming commercial.

This opportunity is provided by a talent agency, Miami Talent Casting, if you are interested, or have any questions contact [email protected] Shooting will take place December 15, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Compensation will be $400 for this project. The location of this commercial will be in Long Beach, California and unfortunately travel is not included. They are seeking male or females of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 to 40. ??Looking for an actor to play the role of a high school or middle school teacher. You should be friendly and appealing but not come across like a salesperon. ?You will be demonstrating the usage and features of Epson's new DC20 document camera in the modern classroom. The setting will be an actually middle school classroom but no students will be present. NOTE: The read should be very INTERVIEW STYLE, REAL LIFE, no need to inject all kinds of things into the performance. Imagine a person sitting down and simply talking naturally to someone about their job etc. I say this because almost every audition they've seen has been way over the top. Here is exact visual reference. So you can see what they're   doing to the "T." If you can match this it would be great: ??I've included the script below, no need to memorize everything for this audition, just a snippet:
??------ SCRIPT---------
I've been a teacher for about 6 years...It can be challenging to keep up with the students, as their world evolves so does the way they communicate with the world and each other.....In some ways, they're leading us, teaching us-with their tablets and smart phones... ??I'm looking for tools that will speak to them, that will keep their attention, you know? Bringing visual elements and text  and audio all together. ??When I got the new document camera by Epson I was struck because it's dynamic, ?it's visual I can annotate - just make notes over any document or even a live image ?without changing the original, right there working together with the students. I can record the lessons and the work we do together with the built in microphone and the quality is there... The pictures are crisp and we can really go deep into the image, exploring signatures on the Declaration of Independence, or stars in the Solar System. The image is large and it's that interactive aspect that really reaches them in the language of today. ?It allows me to share and enhances the lessons in a way that is going to be compelling. Technology is supposed to make things more accessible, allow you to say more and do more, easier. ?And that's what this document camera does, I can share, I can inspire. And I don't have to think about the technical part.  
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