$1,000 Commercial for 'Skype'

Technology is increasing at an alarming rate with Skype technology leading the curve! Skype, the internet video messaging and phone messaging application is now casting talent for an upcoming commercial. The commercial will be used only on the internet and the commercial will shot in New York City on Thursday September 13th. The compensation for this commercial will be $1,000 and a commercial buyout. Here is the Casting Breakdown! SKYPE Commercial NON-UNION Rate: $1000 Usage: Web only, buyout Shoot Date: Thursday September 13th
Shoot Location: NYC Casting ASAP by pics Female, late 20's or early 30's, Blonde hair. Caucasian, Fair complexion. Will be featuring face only, in almost full screen within Skype Video chat interface. Reference: Actress Georgia King. Male, late 20's or early 30's, Dark brown hair, Caucasian or ethnically ambiguous, Tan complexion. Can have facial hair. Will be showing arms and hands, as well as face on small video inset on Skype interface (never full screen). Reference: Matt Bomer
Break a Leg!
To apply email your information to [email protected]