Looking for a Job? Google is Now Hiring Drivers

Google will pay you $20/hour to drive a self-driving car.

Last week, we reported that Google is currently hiring screenwriters. But, today we have good news for you. Google is also hiring drivers. The Arizona Republic reports that Alphabet Inc, the owner of the Google company, is looking for self-driving vehicle operators to work 6 to 8 hours a day in the company's automated cars. While you can't drink and drive, your job will be to drive a self-driving car. And you will only have to take over the car is something dangerous happens.
“Test drivers play an important role in developing our self-driving technology,” said Brian Torcellini, head of operations for Google’s Self-Driving Car testing program. “They give our engineers feedback about how our cars are driving and interacting with others on the road, and can take control of the vehicle if needed.”
Torcellini says the role of test driver is so new that they haven’t zoned in one specific type of person they’re looking for. So you probably just need to know how to drive and have a clean driving record. This may be a great way to pitch your script you have been working on for the past 10 years. In fact, a large majority of Uber drivers in Los Angeles are actually aspiring screenwriters and actors. via BGR What do you think? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.