Looking for a Job? Google is Now Hiring Filmmakers



Looking for a job? Google is now hiring!

Have you ever wanted to work for Google? Do you have a filmmaking background? If so, Google is now hiring filmmakers to work within their company. Google executives are now hiring filmmakers and video content producers to work as an Internal Communications Manager and Producer.
As a member of the Global Communications & Public Affairs team, you will work cross-functionally to help communicate with journalists and other thought leaders; devise specific communications materials and campaigns based on understanding of journalists' interests; engage in face-to-face meetings with commentators and other opinion formers; develop print and web-based material supporting these campaigns; and counter misinformation that might interfere with our business and ability to serve our users. We're looking for great communicators who can understand complex issues and explain them in person and also via well written, simple blog posts, FAQs, video scripts and more.
Google is currently looking for someone that has "Experience writing, producing and editing video content". It's important to point out some of the amazing benefits Google offers including
  • Free gourmet food and snacks
  • Googlers are free to bring their pets to work.
  • 24-7 tech support
  • Googlers at the Mountain View campus get a free ride to and from work.
  • Free "massage credits."
  • Employees get free fitness classes and gyms
  • And so much more...
If you are interested in a job with Google, check out this filmmaking job here. Or you can search for more jobs within the Google company here.

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