Norman Reedus: No One Wanted Me To Do 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead is still one of the most watched TV shows in recent history and it probably wouldn’t have been a success without actor Norman Reedus. But in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Reedus revealed that no one wanted the actor to do the show. "It was like one of those scripts you get and everybody's like 'don't do it.' Yeah, it was a stretch, I mean it was out there ya know, but I saw a guy looking for his family, that was the real story, and it paid off." When asked by Kimmel who told him to turn down the part, Reedus replied, “everybody.” Thankfully, he didn’t listen and fall into peer pressure. Reedus previously revealed how he fought early scripts that had Daryl being a jerk on the show, and it is ultimately this turn that has given him the lone wolf character fans love today, but how much longer will Reedus remain the show. For example, producers already announced that they are considering moving past Rick Grimes as the show’s lead. You can check out the video below.