Netflix "Daredevil" Series Will Be Unlike Any Other Show on Television

Marvel is giving fans a taste of what the new Daredevil television series on Netflix is going to be like.

Marvel CCO, Joe Quesda believes that fans will be binge-watching the series from beginning to end. “I've been working very, very closely with the entire team on all levels of the show,” Quesada told Comic Book Resources. Quesda believes that his creative team are thinking about how people like to watch TV shows on Netflix and plans on developing a series structured for Netflix viewers. “Daredevil” launches Marvel's partnership with Netflix, which includes a total of four shows that intertwine series leading up to the huge series, “The Defenders.” Quesda commented that he enjoys the fact that Netflix has ordered fewer episodes for the Marvel productions. IT allows for fans to sit down and watch the entire series at one time.
“Even the way that you parse out information and reveals within the show can be different than you would on weekly TV,” he said. “With weekly TV, you sit there and go, “The audience may not want to wait two or three weeks to get this particular bit of information.” Whereas with Netflix, we might be able to hold onto a particular piece of information, because they may just watch it two hours later.”
Filming for the new "Daredevil" series is set to start in July 2014. h/t TheWrap