Batman's Butler Alfred May Be Getting His Own TV Series

A new TV series about Batman's butler maybe coming soon.

Irregardless who plays Alfred in Batman movies, fans seem to love the supportive and mysterious butler. Batman loves him for raising him and staying loyal throughout years of superhero action. Robin, meanwhile, has traditionally seen him as a father. Even, The Joker has always loved using him as a way to cause Batman pain. And for us fans? Well, accomplished actors are always cast to play the Butler which allows for their acting talent to creep into our hearts. That popularity for the character has never translated into anything more than just a small supporting role, until now. According to reports, the folks over at DC have recently trademarked the name "Pennyworth" for what appears to be a new TV series. With Pennyworth being Alfred's actual last name, it sure does seem to suggest that we are about to see an Alfred-themed on-screen TV series coming soon. But, detials beyond that have been scarce. It's rumored that it might be a Gotham spinoff, a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sequel, or a simply a "young-Alfred" prequel story. It's worth remembering that studios trademark a lot of names, ideas, and storylines so, this piece of news is not groundbreaking or earth shattering. However, it's quite possible that this is the early rumblings of a new TV series surrounding the loyal and humble butler.

What do you think, though? What do you think will happen with Pennyworth?