Fistfight Breaks Out Over Jared Leto's Autograph

Jared Leto's charisma sparks fist fight in New York City.

How can you not like Jared Leto? He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that can transform a scene with only his presence and without saying a single word. His charm is infectious but, his charisma nearly turned deadly on Tuesday, after fans got into a fist fight over his autograph. According to the NYPost, Jared Leto fans broke out into a fight after trying to get an autograph with Mr. Leto. From NYPost:
Reports said a 41-year-old man punched his 20-year-old companion after an argument over the pink-haired actor broke out while they were waiting to get his John Hancock. A law enforcement source told us: “A complaint report was taken for an assault at that location,” but no arrests were made.
Leto plays the JOker in the upcoming feature film Suicide Squad and maybe Leto is literally transforming into the Joker right before our eyes? Where's Ben Affleck, Batman when you need him? Jared Leto Gif

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