Filming for the new season of The Walking Dead is reportedly set to begin next week. That said, fans will have to wait another six months to see what cast and crew have in store for season eight.

At the end of season seven, the war in Alexandria started with a fierce battle between Rick and Megan.

Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl on the hit TV series, spending his last few days before production starts reading the script and memorizing lines. The actor took to Twitter to tell fans that he not only received the script for season eight but he also revealed how much he loved it.

“Just finished reading 8×01 of The Walking Dead and, oh man, it’s so good,” Riggs said.

Riggs is one of the very few actors to still be alive since the early episodes of The Walking Dead. In fact, no one has been on the show longer than roots or the actor playing his father, Andrew Lincoln. The two actors are the only ones who appear in the series premier and are alive in season 8.

Now that Rick has read the script, he can’t share crazy theories or discuss plot details with fans about what might happen.

“To be honest, the coolest part of every year for me is between the airing of the season finale and getting the first script of the new season,” Riggs wrote, also in young-person Twitter language. “Mainly because I get to speculate with fans on what will happen without any bias.”

The Walking Dead will return for a season in October 2017. The first trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead will arrive at San Diego comic con in July.