How to Become a Working Actor (Video)

Abigail Spencer
Abigail Spencer at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, USA on September 18, 2016. (Tinseltown /

Learn how to become a working actor.

What famous actors typically grab all the attention, it is a goal for most actors to land a job. Whether would be a single speaking of mind to a recurring role on a TV show, a seasoned actor knows it is better to be a working actor than an unemployed one. That’s why many actors may appear in dozens of movies and TV shows and consistently book study work in the film industry but very few people know their name. One maven not even be able to classify them as A-list,  B-list, C-list or even D-list celebrity. But, at the end of the day, we are bringing home a paycheck.

That’s why this video so important, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation recently held a question and answer interview session with several working actors in Hollywood. While the video is fairly long, about 90 minutes in length, it highlights the importance of acting training, navigating the film industry and making connections, and never forgetting your purpose as an actor. The video features some of the biggest working actors in Hollywood including Cynthia Addai from the show Shooter, Shawn Hatosy from the Animal Kingdom, Suzy Nakamura from Dr. Ken and Abigail Spencer Timeless.

For an inside look and in-depth discussion into acting and how to become a working actor check out the full video below.

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