How to “Cheat” Your Way into Hollywood

Hollywood Acting Tips

How to cheat your way into Hollywood with this effective acting technique

In the movie business, it is common to be asked to “Cheat”. Cheating is moving your body unnaturally to make it look better on camera.

There a ton of different “cheats” that happen on set. But, one of the most common is “Cheating your eyeline”.

It is positioning your movements and body towards the camera. This will allow you to have more facetime and look better on camera.

Despite the feeling of it being uncomfortable, this will allow the audience to effectively engage with your actions and dialogue.

Also, are you looking for some extra camera time while working as a background actor?

Try using these “cheating your eye-line tips” next time you are on set!

  1. Position your body towards the camera.
  2. Make sure you know where the camera is.
  3. Make reactions based upon where the camera is located.

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