J Pervis Talent Agency Now Accepting New Talent


Atlanta’s major talent agency, J Pervis Talent Agency is currently accepting photo submissions for all ages and ethnicities. For agency consideration, please submit one NON-RETURNABLE photo, headshot, or composite card to:

J Pervis Talent Agency | Atlanta Office
949 Image Avenue, Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30318

J Pervis Talent Agency | Lousiana Local HIres:
PO Box 3215
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

For Ages 3-18 

The following information should be printed legibly on the back of the photo:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Resume (optional)
For ages 19 & up

Please enclose a resume with your headshot/comp card & demo (if applicable). We encourage adult submissions with strong credits/resumes. Please be sure the following information is on your resume:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
For Voice Over Submissions

Please send a CD of your voice over demo(s).

If you would like a response to your submission, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Response should be received within thirty days. Only the person who is being considered should be in the photo.


You are also able to submit via email. For agency consideration, please submit one photo, headshot, or composite card to: [email protected]

Interested? Leave Us a Comment Below!


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  • sherley

    Is it only for the residents in Atlanta??

  • http://www.projectcasting.com Project Casting

    Nope. Feel Free to apply!

  • sherley

    Thanks for the reply!! xx

  • Sarah

    Can beginners submit with a little experience or should only experience actors apply?

  • http://www.projectcasting.com Project Casting

    You can always try. You never know what they are looking for!

  • ora

    is there anyway to apply by email

  • Kecia C.

    How long will they be accepting new submissions? Reason….in the process of getting new headshots. Thank you.

  • Ellen

    Would they have a job for me since have done 40 films last year and 7 this years. Would they hired a Deaf person to work and make accommodation for the disability? I am can speak, expert lip reader. Great face expression. Teach ASL Sign Languages., Member of the Diva with a disability, Deaf Community, Deaf/Blind Community, Disability Community, Know ASL Sign Languages, ASL Film Coach (wanted to help the Director, and Producer to do better with the disability person that can work just like anyone. Only if there is limit or non speaking role or short script role. It depended on the speech. Any suggestion? I am very motivation . Have been acting for almost 3 years :) Never had Classes Training (why) they wont provide me an Interpreter for the Acting Classes so i learned by watching People??

  • http://www.samstewartcomedy.com Sam Stewart

    I would love to submit.

  • http://www.modelmayhem.com/CreoleSTAR Gabrielle Franklin

    Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself! I am twenty one years old originally from Los Angeles and I am currently living in Atlanta. I am trying to get my potential to spread my wings and fly to become a successful model and I am working hard to get up to that. So far I have done work for RunwayInk Atlanta and have done a lot of work with a Boutique they work with called Spice Boutique. I like a lot of different looks that show my grown and sexy potential to make something look very appealing. I do believe that I have the potential to take this further. All I need is the opportunity. Thank you for reading this message! Feel free to please contact me at anytime if there are opportunities that you believe fit my qualities. I’d appreciate that!

  • Virginia

    Do you guys know if they also represent screenwriters? OR do you guys know any other agency that does represent them?

  • http://www.projectcasting.com Project Casting

    No, but we will make sure to find some more information for you.

  • Reese

    Is it open for other countries?

  • http://www.projectcasting.com Project Casting

    give it a try.

  • https://www.facebook.com/linda.king.146 Linda King

    Will definitely submit!

  • Rojo

    Hello ive submitted an headshot and included my name , email and phone number … would i be getting a phone call to discuss my talents further ?

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dimera-Cortes/140896789316239 Dimera L Cortes

    Hi I am Dimera and I was wondering if I could email a link to my page that shows my headshots? I would like to show more than just my one headshot. If I post the link here, will someone take a look at it?


  • Casey N. Armstrong

    My name is Casey and I just summited my head shots! Thanks

  • https://twitter.com/EJJackline Stacy Jackline

    Hello! I am currently looking for someone to represent my 15 year old son. I submitted his info via the email address that was provided on your website. :) Look him up at https://twitter.com/EJJackline . I hope we will be working together soon.
    Stacy Jackline
    Happy New Year!!!

  • http://facebookmaryland Mikayla cooper

    I have a beautiful talented daughter she is 16 and a knockout. as well as her personality shines through. We do not live in atlanta, but would like an opportunity for her to audition.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89T_CI3YGoY AG The Comedian

    Hi Project Casting I am a comedian in the Atlanta Area, It sucks that there is NOT ONE TALENT AGENCY in the south dedicated to comedy or comedians. Ugghhh The struggle continues guess I gotta save for LA or NY :-(