Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Feel Guilty About Becoming an Actor

how to become an actor

Becoming an actor is tough. But, you should never feel guilty about working on your dream.

After years of dreaming, and months of planning, you’re minutes away from exploring new, better career opportunities as a professional actor. You have even mustered up the courage to tell all of your friends, family, and coworkers about your dream as an actor. And just at that moment, you should feel amazing but, you start to feel guilty.

It happens. You begin to question the decision. You feel sorry for risking your future on a dream. You wonder if you can compete with hundreds of other actors in your area.

How to become an actor. Tips you should know:

  1. Actors are expected to take risks
  2. Actors are emotional people
  3. Guilt will destroy your future career chances

Stop that. Yes, of course, feeling guilty is natural that many people think when starting something new, especially if it is risky. But, assuming you have planned your acting career out carefully, you should not feel guilty and here is why.

1. Actors are expected to take risks

Your friends and family members are not like you. You aspire to be in front of the big screen, showcasing your acting abilities and telling the world who you are. But, it is a significant risk, and the best actors have been acting for years. Don’t feel guilty but understand that you are starting a journey and not a race.

2. Actors are emotional people

The job of an actor is to display emotions ranging from anger to crying. The better an actor can express their feeling the more likely the actor can land a role in a movie or TV show. Therefore, use your current feelings of guilt and worry and apply it to your acting craft. Trust me; there are hundreds of other people feeling just like you but, you have to use that energy to land bigger and better opportunities.

3. Guilt will destroy your future career chances

Even when you’re incredibly excited about becoming an actor, actually starting your acting career can be emotionally tough. Emotions are human nature. Just don’t let guilt sneak in and steal your happiness away. You have lines to memorize.

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