Do you want to become an actor but, cannot afford acting classes. Learn how to perform from home with this straightforward guide.

Acting classes can be expensive. But, even when you can afford lessons from an acting coach, there may not also be a qualified teacher in your area. So what is the best way for an actor to practice their craft from home?

Here are four great ways to improve your acting performance from home.

Go Social

We are living in a world dominated by memes, vlogs, and Instagram models. While some people may detest the notion of using social media as a way to practice acting, it is an excellent way for an aspiring actor to create their content and get feedback from friends, family and perhaps potential fans.

Create a YouTube channel

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Start creating your short films, vlogs, and content. By getting in front of the camera you can learn what makes a scene look great, how camera angles affect the visual experience, and in the process, you can gain feedback from other YouTubers. Not to mention, it is a great way to make a few extra bucks once your channel starts to pick up with YouTube’s Partner Program.

Use Instagram

Own a phone? Have an Instagram account? If so, then you are ready to go and start creating your content. Film a monologue, use hashtags such as #ActorsLife #SetLife and #ProjectCasting. Users will be able to see your content and give you feedback. You can also look back at the content and learn from it.

Film yourself

The simplest way to improve your acting performance is by filming yourself. Let’s break down the steps:

  1. Find a scene, memorize your lines, work out your delivery and then perform it, with a reader if you can find one or with a friend over the phone
  2. Video yourself and watch and critique
  3. And repeat

You can see what you can improve and how to improve your acting technique.


The best way to improve your acting performance is to understand how you look on camera. Once, you know how your movements, emotions, and reactions view in front of a camera, then you will know how to master your acting skills and add tools to your acting toolbox.

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