Actress Regina Hall Nearly Quit Acting To Become a Nun

Regina Hall Acting
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Regina Hall reveals how she nearly quit acting to become a nun and what it’s like to be a black actress in Hollywood.

Actress Regina Hall had a revealing interview with The New York Times, but one of the more shocking parts of the interview revolved around how she nearly quit the industry to join a nunnery.

Eight years ago, Hall considered her becoming a nun, an interest she had as a child. While she vaguely mentions going through a break up at the time, Hall does not cite any specific events that triggered the desired to dedicate her life to becoming a nun. “I never thought about walking away from anything. I thought of walking to something,” Hall said. “I thought being a nun would be peaceful.”

Ultimately, Hall did not become a nun, which is clear after starring in the hit movie “Girls Trip”. The main thing that stopped her from becoming a nun was her age.

“The group I was interested in had an age limit for joining,” she explained. “There were a couple things in my way. I could’ve lied about them, but I didn’t want to start off as a nun like that.”

Being Black in Hollywood

Regina Hall was also very open about her place in the mainstream Hollywood scene versus black Hollywood.

Regina Hall
LOS ANGELES – JUL 13: Regina Hall at the “Girls Trip” Premiere at the Regal Cinemas on July 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA – Image (Kathy Hutchins /

“There are certain films with predominantly black casts. The list of who’s considered for parts in those is a whole different one than the list of who’s considered for films with roles that could be played by anybody. I remember there was a script that I read that I loved, and my agent told me, “They went after Amy Adams, and she’s not doing it.” And I said, “I’ll do it!” And he was like, “They love you, but they’re going to Natalie Portman.” “Oh, right.” There’s always another.”

That said, following the success of “Girls Trip”, Hall’s career has seen an upward trajectory one that has introduced her bigger mainstream opportunities including Showtime’s “Black Monday”.

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