Why Actors Must Master How Their Character Walks (Video)

How should an actor walk for a TV show or movie? Here’s what you need to know.

The process through which an actor gets into character can be a long and complicated one. Several years agoo, Matthew McConaughey, revealed that he had created a diary to get into character for the show True Detective. The same can be said for the late Heath Ledger who did the same thing for the critically acclaimed Batman feature film. Everything from the character’s history, desires and fears eventually make-up the person we see on screen. But, one little thing such as an actor’s movement can have more of an impact on an acting performance than an incredible backstory.

A character’s walk illustrates what they say, and how they will communicate with others. In a video essay by Andrew Saladino of The Royal Ocean Film Society reveals how important and powerful something as simple as a walk can be when developing a character.

Walking is something nearly everyone does in their daily lives. But, when we watch someone on screen, we can learn so much about a person by the way they move. Body language has many different variations including marching, tiptoeing, limping, to hobbling. All of these could describe not only the way the character walks but also communicates without speaking.


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