’13 Reasons Why’ Cast Shares AMAZING Acting Tips (Video)

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13 Reasons Why has become a pop cultural phenomenon. After Netflix released the TV series on their streaming platform teams, families, and even the media joined a discussion about suicide, bullying, and sexual assault. Some people argued that the show triggers violence and other negative feelings. That said, it is rare for a TV show to have such a profound impact.  this was probably accomplished by the great writing skills, directing skills, and most importantly acting skills of the entire cast and crew.

In an interview with the SAG-AFTRA foundation, Kate Walsh, openly discussed the show, shared amazing acting tips about working in the film industry, and what she hopes audiences can take away from not only her performance but the show as a whole.

For instance, Walsh discussed as an older actress her concerns were, how much of the show will center around her character or if the show will be edited into a high school teen drama. Overall, Walsh illustrates and highlights the nuances of filming and acting that only a trained actor would know, understand, and identify just by reading the script.

Check out the video below:

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