One of the key features of a good actor is their body movement. In a recent video with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, acting coaches including David Bridel, Jean-Louis Rodrigue, and Sarah Elgart explain how to build character through movement and physicality.

“Character is more than just what a person says or does. Much about the inner life of a character can be conveyed through physicality: how they move in space, their posture, gait, nervous tics, facial nuances, and other subtle forms of physical expression,” SAG-AFTRA explains.

“What is the difference between conscious movement and physicality that is an accidental manifestation of the inner life? How can the actor’s body be used to express psychological characteristics? Can a simple gesture, conscious or subconscious, further the story?”

Ultimately, this video explains “the possibilities of movement to create meaning and metaphor in story, and the ways an actor can more thoroughly embody a character through choreography, physicality, gesture, and movement.”

Check out the video below.