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Michael Fassbender Regretted Doing ‘Steve Jobs’

Michael Fassbender opens up about his role on Steve Jobs and it's pretty surprising. Michael Fassbender's acting career is at an all time-high. He's been able to keep up with several major motion pictures as well as...
Project Casting

‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Bombs in the Box Office

'Steve Jobs' movie is a box office disaster as it bombs in the box office. Steve Jobs movie just did horribly in the box office this weekend. Despite great reviews, people are not that interested in...
Project Casting

Why Apple, Steve Jobs’ Family Are Pissed Over the New ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie

Steve Jobs' widow begged Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale not to take the biopic role. When we first started posting casting calls for the new Steve Jobs movie, we had no idea it would become...
Project Casting

‘Steve Jobs’ Cast Thinks Christian Bale Would’ve Been “Perfect”

Michael Fassbender thinks Christian Bale would have been the perfect Steve Jobs. Before Michael Fassbender was brought on board by director Danny Boyle to take the lead in Steve Jobs, Christian Bale was set to step into...
Project Casting

‘Steve Jobs’ Throws Major Shade at Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’

Michael Fassbender pokes fun at Ashton Kutcher's acting in Jobs Do you remember the movie Jobs? No, not the Steve Jobs movie that features Seth Rogen and Michael Fassebender that is already getting amazing reviews. I am talking about the...
Project Casting

Steve Jobs Biopic is a Wrap! ‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Officially Finishes Filming

The 'Steve Jobs' movie has officially wrapped production in San Francisco, California. The extras casting director, Beau Bonneau Casting announced on Facebook that the Steve Jobs biopic has just finished filming: "We’d like to give a...

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