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Showtime is Now Looking for Aspiring Screenwriters

Showtime is now looking for aspiring writers for their Showtime's Tony Cox Screenplay Competition. Showtime's Tony Cox Screenplay Competition is now accepting submissions for their screenplay competition at the Nantucket Film Festival. Winners receive cash prizes including $5,000...

Three Huge Screenwriting Competitions You Need To Know

Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Here are three major screenwriting competitions you should know. Screenwriting competitions are a great way to get your foot in the door of the film industry if you're an aspiring writer....
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The Finish Line Script Competition is Now Accepting Submissions

The offers aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers a unique opportunity to break into the film industry. A new film and TV script competition that focuses on the art of rewriting scripts launched this week thanks...
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Nick Animation Studios’ Writing Program is Now Accepting Submissions

Nickelodeon Animation Studios writing program is now looking for aspiring screenwriters. Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Do you have experience writing scripts for TV shows and movies and you're interested in taking it to the...
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‘The Hateful Eight’ Movie Script is Finally Here

Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight movie script is here. Despite getting boycotted by the police, having the movie script leaked, losing Jennifer Lawrence and dealing with Channing Tatum's annoying emails, The Hateful Eight is almost here. In fact, The Hateful...

3rd Annual Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship is Looking for You

The 3rd Annual Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship is looking for aspiring screenwriters. Are you trying to break into the entertainment industry? Well let us help you figure out where to get started. One of the best places...

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