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Looking for a Job? ‘Star Wars’ is Now Hiring

Lucasfilm is now hiring a ton of jobs to work on Star Wars and several other motion pictures, books, and TV shows. Lucasfilm is a film and TV production company based in San Francisco, California. The studio...
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Looking for a Job? 5 ‘Star Wars’ Jobs You Need to Know

Looking for a job? Lucasfilm's Star Wars is now hiring. Do you have The Force? Do you want to work on alongside Disney and Star Wars? Well, we have great news for you. Lucasfilms is now hiring.   Lucasfilm is...

Disney is Creating 10 New ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Disney is planning on creating 10 new Star Wars movies. Disney is planning 10 more Star Wars movies. Movie bosses are in talks to create five more on top of five already planned Star Wars movies. Two trilogy episodes and three spin-offs...
Star Wars Episode 7 Spoilers

Lucasfilm Launches ‘Star Wars’ Fan Film Awards

The 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards are looking for you! The 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards are now open. Here's a message from Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams about making your own...
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Looking for an Internship? Star Wars is Now Hiring Interns

Are you looking for a job in the film industry? Do you want to work on the next Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie? Lucasfilm, the creative geniuses behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones, is currently looking for new...
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Disney Announces New ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff and Sequel

Disney announces new 'Star Wars' spinoff and sequel in the works Disney announces 'Star Wars: Episode VII' release date and spinoff movie. According to reports, Disney and Lucasfilm have announced details surrounding the upcoming "Star...

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