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YouTube’s New Feature is Great News for Aspiring Filmmakers

YouTube's new "Explore" feature may make it easier for you to become an influencer, content creator, and/or filmmaker. Building a YouTube channel is not an easy endeavor. But, it may just get a lot easier....

Three Huge Screenwriting Competitions You Need To Know

Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Here are three major screenwriting competitions you should know. Screenwriting competitions are a great way to get your foot in the door of the film industry if you're an aspiring writer....
High Flying Bird

Netflix’s “High Flying Bird” Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

Netflix's new movie "High Flying Bird" was shot entirely on an iPhone. Filmmaking is changing. Many productions may brag about their $20,000 filmmaking equipment but, more aspiring and working directors are choosing to use their...
Peter Dinklage Emmys

HBO is Now Looking for Aspiring Writers

HBOAccess Writing Fellowship 2019 is now accepting submissions. Are you an aspiring writer? If so, then I have the perfect opportunity for you. The HBOAccess Writing Fellowship has a mission to give emerging, diverse writers the opportunity...

HBO is Looking for Aspiring Producers

Led by Effie Brown and Ron Simons, the IFP-Blackhouse Multicultural Producers Lab is looking to support aspiring producers and projects. If you are a multicultural producer who needs help, tools, support, and access to influencers...

Shia LaBeouf Wrote His New Movie ‘Honey Boy’ in Rehab

Shia LaBeouf’s latest movie, "Honey Boy", was actually written in a rather unusual place, court-ordered rehab. The actor wrote the script for his semi-autobiographical movie “Honey Boy” while he was being treated for substance abuse following...

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