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Three Huge Screenwriting Competitions You Need To Know

Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Here are three major screenwriting competitions you should know. Screenwriting competitions are a great way to get your foot in the door of the film industry if you're an aspiring writer....
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Have a TV Show or Movie Idea? 10 Film Grants You Need to Know

2018-2019 Winter Film Grants any aspiring screenwriter, filmmaker, or actor needs to know to make their dreams come true. Are you looking for funding for your next TV show, short film or feature film idea?...
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NBC is Now Searching for Aspiring Female Filmmakers

NBC is now searching for aspiring female directors for their new program, NBC Female Forward.  NBC explains the initiative is "forges a path for female scripted series directors". About NBC's Female Forward: At NBC, we recognize that our...
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HBO is Now Looking for Aspiring Filmmakers

HBO and IFB are working together to create a new grant designed for documentary filmmakers. The IFB/HBO New True Stories Funding Initiative supports several aspiring filmmakers. IFP explains the grant is for "projects on...

Get Paid $35,000 To Film Your Next Short Film

INDIE GRANTS Short Film Production Fund is now looking for aspiring filmmakers. Are you an aspiring South Carolina filmmaker? Do you have a short film that could film in South Carolina? If so, then you...
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Summer 2018 Grant: Women In Film and Stella Artois $25,000 Film Grant

Women in Film and Stella Artois have partnered up for a $25,000 film grant program. Women In Film Finishing Fund is teaming up with Stella Artois and giving out four grants of up to $25,000 in funding...

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