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Are Black Characters More Likely to Die on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Are black characters more likely to to get killed off on 'The Walking Dead' series? The Walking Dead Spoiler Alert There is a major controversy regarding the race of character deaths in The Walking Dead universe. But, the...
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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 2 Ratings Drop

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead ratings drop in week 2. Ratings for AMC's Fear the Walking Dead held up pretty well in second week Sunday, despite tough competition from MTV's Video Music Awards. However, ratings dropped 16% from the series...
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6 Things You Missed on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 1

Here is everything you missed on Fear the Walking Dead TV pilot. After years in development, Fear the Walking Dead is finally here, and it did not disappoint. It was pretty amazing to see the entire cast and crew...
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7 Things We Will Not See on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Ready for Fear the Walking Dead? Here are 7 things you will not see this season on The Walking Dead spin-off series. Fear the Walking Dead is almost here. After months of rumors, speculation, and hearsay, The Walking Dead spin-off is finally...
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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is Now Filming in Los Angeles

'Fear the Walking Dead' is now filming in Los Angeles, California and leaving Vancouver, Canada. 'The Walking Dead' companion series, 'Fear The Walking Dead', is set entirely in Los Angeles, California but has been filming...
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TWD Creator: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is Crazier Because It’s NOT Set in Georgia

Creator of 'The Walking Dead', Robert Kirkman shares details about the premiere of 'Fear The Walking Dead' In a recent interview with Fangoria, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman revealed that the first six-episode season...

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