Warner Bros. Will Film ‘Gilligan’s Island’ the Movie in 2014

Gilligan's Island

Warner Bros. has decided to make a movie version of the 1960s cult classic ‘Gilligan’s Island’.

The major studio is putting a big-screen version of Gilligan’s Island starring Josh Gad (Disney’s Frozen) according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. is about to go on a fateful trip, that started on a tropic port aboard a tiny ship. The studio is putting into motion a big-screen version of Gilligan’s Island, the classic 1960s television comedy, that will serve as a vehicle for Josh Gad, the Broadway star who is currently one of the star voices in Disney’s Frozen, THR has confirmed. Gad will write the script with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez and will also star. Lloyd Schwartz and Ross Schwartz, the children of Island creator Sherwood Schwartz (a TV legend who also created The Brady Bunch) (THR)

The show followed the lives of seven castaways stranded on an island and their hilarious attempts to find a way off. It’s ‘LOST’ but with comedy!

Gilligan, played by Bob Denver, was a goofy screw-up who usually found a way to unintentionally ruin any escape plan. Other characters included Gillian’s best friend the Skipper, a wealthy elderly couple, a movie star who was partially based on Marilyn Monroe, a scientist who came up with schemes to get off the island and a girl-next-door type.

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  1. AmandaLynn 2 years ago

    Yes! I am excited to hear that this AWESOME show will be a movie!!!

  2. Bruce Strelinsky 2 years ago

    Rumor has it the character actor John Goodman may be in mind to play The Skipper. (Jonas ) I’d cast Bill Murray as The Millionaire. (still has box office draw,and you can’t lose w/Bill) and Will Ferrell as The Professor.

  3. aang 2 years ago

    You have to be kidding! This is a disaster in the making.

  4. Kin 2 years ago

    Kim K as Ginger, Seth Rogen as Skipper, Betty White as Misses Howell. Justin Long as Gilligan, Bill Murray Mr. Howell. Scarlett Johansson as Maryanne, And Tim Robbins as The Professor.

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