Before The Walking Dead season 8 started, Norman Reedus revealed that Daryl was going to go rogue this season. But, little did we know that meant fist-fight with Rick.

The fight centered around Daryl’z zero tolerance and zero survivors attitude, which started after he was tortured last season by Megan at the Sanctuary. First he took down Morales without remorse, and then he killed a Savior that Rick had promised safety to in exchange for information.

Recently, EW talked to Reedus about the big fight with Rick in the show.

Apparently, Rick and Darryl didn’t hold back when the two started fighting on set. Reedus explained, “My first thought was that Andy’s going to try to do some rewrites, throw in 12 karate kicks to my throat — you know, stuff like that. But yeah, they’re always fun. I mean, Andy and I both are big believers in trying to do all of our own stunts, so, you know, the Advil was flowing for days.”

Reedus added what it was like to film that particular scene.

We did all the stunts on that, he and I. They were fun. There’s a bit of rolling around and stuff that was added sort of last minute, us rolling back and forth. I think a lot of it didn’t make the cut because we both looked like we were kind of doing gymnastics on the floor. Andy got a little sucker punch into the jaw there, which he’ll never admit, but I’m saying it. He did it, but that happens.

Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead
LOS ANGELES – OCT 2: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus at the “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Premiere at Universal City Walk on October 2, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA (Helga Esteb /

The show’s really physical sometimes, and to be honest, we both like doing the physical stuff. So it’s great. Whenever Andy and I work together, it’s a lot of fun, so I knew it would be fun, but there’s a lot of choreography and explosions, and, we had to be very careful about doing certain things. It was a lot of time to beat the crap out of him. It was awesome.

Reedus also revealed how he approaches acting on set of the show. “When we get together, we really are like little kids. We like to talk about it. We like to get into it. We have all these ideas. He’s giving me notes. I’m giving him notes, much to the chagrin of the directors sometimes, because they’re like, “What are you guys talking about?” We’re like, “Nothing, nothing. Just watch.”

As to what comes next on the show? Reedus says Daryl will continue to go “Rogue.

“There are some bigger rogue moments coming, to be honest, and it’s funny because we joke around. Andy’s like, “You know what? That would’ve worked if it wasn’t for you.” And I’m like, “Well, you know what? If you would’ve come up with a better plan, that would’ve worked!””

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