Warner Bros. will make the Veronica Mars feature film available online and in theaters.

Warner Bros. is trying a new distribution method on the Rob Thomas’ Veronica Mars movie.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the plan to make Veronica Mars simultaneously available online.

The studio is set to make the movie available to rent or buy online on March 14, the same day it opens in theaters across the United States. Typically, movie theaters would not allow for such a premiere to happen but, the studios rented out several AMC Theater locations to make it possible. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, many critics believe that Veronica Mars could be more successful in the form of video on demand than premiering at the box office.

Veronica Mars will open a year after the Kickstarter campaign that started it all. The campaign was able to raise about $5.7 million dollars to produce a feature film version of the cancelled CW series.

The series is centered on Veronica Mars, ten years laters. Kristen Bell portrays Veronica Mars as a detective heading back to her hometown of Neptune, California to come back and help some of the returning cast members.

Photo Credits: Kickstarter


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