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What You Need to Know about Talent Agents and Talent Agencies

A talent agent’s job includes marketing and promotion of clients that have talent in acting, modeling, dancing and music and sends them out on auditions. A talent agent will spend a lot of time networking with directors, casting agents and other clients that have a need for talent for auditions.

The agent is then be able to make audition recommendations, book auditions and even book real jobs for the various talents that they represent.

Many talent agents work exclusively to find auditions for actors or actresses, while others work with models of different ages or the talent agent might focus on just children or just adults. The talent agent can make audition recommendations, book auditions or even book jobs for the various talents that they represent.

Setting up auditions is a large part of what the talent agent does for his or her clients. These auditions are vital for the talent to earn income and continue the learning experience.

Auditioning for an agent is a warm audition. The agent would not have called you in for possible representation if he or she did not see something of value from your resume and reel. Your goal is to convey your range as a performer and what you can do.

This is different than auditioning for a certain role or part. They need to assess what type of work can they send you out for? It is also a two way street. Keep in mind that you are looking for a fit with your agent and potential agency as well.

Recently, posted a list of the top 10 talent agencies for those interested in Hollywood roles and projects. Check out their list:

Top Talent Agencies

Agency for the Performing Arts (APA): 

These cats are recognized for their stable of sought-after comedians and their metal division, which includes Judas Priest and Poison.



Creative Artists Agency (CAA): 

The most prestigious agencies, like CAA, negotiate the highest-profile roles for the most bank. If you’re not in Us Weekly this week and you haven’t won an Oscar in the past few years, best start at a humbler agency and work your way up.



Diverse Talent Group: 

These primetime bookers negotiate TV talent for a gamut of shows, while also dealing with lesser-known actors, and models.



The Gersh Agency:

The Gersh Agency, dubbed Gersh or simply TGA, is the only mega-successful family-run agency. They fast-forward young actors’ careers, while also taking care of the older clients that are in it for the long haul.


International Creative Management (ICM): 

This agency has a great reputation for selling foreign films and television shows, and is known for a galvanizing comedy division. ICM’s talent roster is on par with that of CAA and WME.


Osbrink Agency: 

This is a tight-knit, smaller agency that specializes in child actors. It was created by a former stage mom, Cindy Osbrink. Today it represents the most bankable tweens, who appear a range of projects, from controversial Sundance films to hit TV series.




This agency emphasizes representation with a familial feel, operating out of swank Beverly Hills headquarters where indie film stars flock.


United Talent Agency (UTA): 

In addition  to a plum group of actors, UTA represents today’s hottest innovative young filmmakers. Industry folk turn to UTA for the latest directors on the rise.



WME Entertainment:

In 2009 Endeavor announced its merger with the William Morris Agency, thus creating the largest talent agency in the world, now known as WME Entertainment. With a client roster that includes Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, and the Rolling Stones, household names need only apply.


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