The “Walking Dead” season 5 premiere is finally here, and it is more intense and bloody than ever before.

On the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is ready to fight against the people of Terminus. Here is a The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 1 “No Sanctuary” explanation, and look at what will happen next on the zombie drama.

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‘The Walking Dead’: Secrets Of Terminus Finally Explained

An intense battle raged at Terminus as Rick and the group fight to stay alive. When we last saw the group of zombie survivors, they were stuck in a boxcar at Terminus after Rick quickly figured out that Terminans were worse than zombies. The group in Terminus lure people there under the disguise of a perfect sanctuary, then later eat them.

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In the first few minutes of ‘The Walking Dead’ we learn something extremely interesting about the history of Terminus and the leader of the group, Gareth (Andrew J. West). In a flashback only titled “THEN” we see Gareth and others locked in what appears to be the same train car Rick and the gang are now in. Gareth is trying to comfort his brother, Alex who is upset about following the signs leading to Terminus. In the background we hear screams of someone apparently being eaten. Fast forward, we see Rick and the rest of the gang in the train car making weapons out of everything and anything they can find.

But, this episode was way bigger than Rick and the rest of the gang. It demonstrated Carol’s strength as a leader, fighter, and a female-Rambo.


Carol is the only hope to save the world from the Zombie Apocalypse

Carol Peletier showed that she is the world’s only hope for surviving the zombie apocalypse. The casting director turned actor, Melissa McBride, showed fans that she will do whatever takes to save her friends.

A majority of “No Sanctuary” showed without a question, that to survive you are either “the butcher or the cattle”. By the time Carol saves the gang, Terminus is blown apart, leaving dozens to die in order to save her friends. Illustrating that Carol is the butcher and doesn’t mind telling you to “look at the flowers” to get the job done.

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For right now, Rick is in charge of a largely reunited crew including baby Judith. The episode was extremely action packed with minimum conversations about surviving or the ethics of the zombie world.

[Spoiler Alert] What happens next in The Walking Dead Season 5?

The group will not stay on the streets of Terminus for too long. As we pointed out a few months ago, a video leaked where the group reaches the city of Atlanta and it is rumored a major character will die in a horrific car crash.

But, before the episode ended a fan favorite returned to ‘The Walking Dead‘. Following the credits of Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, fans of AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama were treated with the return of a character we have not seen since Season 3. Morgan, the first character Rick meets in the show after he awakens from the coma is on the move in the forests of Georgia. Morgan was last scene in Season 3 in an episode “Clear.” That episode is one of the most emotionally episodes in the series. In the episode “Clear” Rick, Carl, and Michonne returned to Rick and Carl’s hometown in order to get supplies. On their way back they meet with Morgan who looks in rough shape, bunkered in a house. Now he doesn’t look afraid, he looks determined. Is he following Rick somehow? Does he have some new important details? None of these questions are answered.


In the next episode of The Walking Dead, which was written by comic book writer/TV executive producer Robert Kirkman, supplies start running low, Rick Leads a mission where the rick might now be worth the reward, according to TV listing synopses.

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An SFX article recently shared detailed spoilers for Episode 2, showing the whole group in the woods, where they meet and save a new series regular, Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam). Gabriel has a church that was featured in a Season 5 Comic-Con trailer, and it looks like we will see that church in Episode 2. According to the comics, he closed his doors to his congregation as soon as the outbreak started, to save enough food and supplies for himself. Essentially, he is a coward.

At the very least it sounds like the chase/hunt is on, in terms of the Terminus survivors (Gareth) and Rick’s group, not to mention the group of people that kidnapped Beth.

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