It does not take a rocket scientist or cultural anthropologist to realize that the Oscars lacks diversity.

But, if you had any doubts about it, Lee & Low Books created an infographic that verifies and points out the statistics for the amount of diversity in the Oscars.

One key statistic is that over 6,000 Academy Voters, only 6 percent are not white. Of all Oscar Award winners for best actress 99% are white and Halle Berry being the only non-white actress to win.

“The numbers do not surprise me because very few Academy Award-level films with non-white leads are being greenlit,” Gina Prince-Bythewood (“Love & Basketball,” “The Secret Life of Bees”) told Lee & Low during an accompanying Q&A with several minority Hollywood insiders. “Until this changes, the abysmal numbers will not change. The box office drives which films get greenlit. The hope is that with this year’s success of a variety of films with African-American leads, Hollywood will be more open to taking chances.”

Check out the full infographic below. (h/t Huffington Post)

Academy Awards Infographic 18 24 - FINAL - REVISED 2-24-2014
photo credit: lincolnblues via photopin cc