F. Murray Abraham, Al Pacino at the “Scarface” Blu-Ray DVD Worldwide Launch Party, Belasco Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. 08-23-11 (s_bukley /

Universal’s Scarface remake directed by Antoine Fuqua will begin filming on October 1st.

Omega Underground reports the new movie will begin filming in the next few weeks with filming locations including Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Mexico.

The first feature film debuted in the 1930s and centers around an Italian immigrant in Chicago and the movie was loosely based on Al Capone; the second movie starred Al Pacino as a Cuban refugee in Miami, Florida. The upcoming remake will focus on a Mexican immigrant trying to make his American dream come true in California.

Previously, Diego Luna was set to play the lead role, but it remains to be seen if Universal continues to keep the casting arrangements the same. Luna plays a cartel leader in the latest season of Narcos, which adds credibility to be able to handle the lead role in a Scarface remake.

Universal has yet to give a release date on the upcoming feature film.